A amateur has 100 appearances for my club

Anyone abroad overly-sentimental about their FUT cards? I accept an 88 Cech that I bought months ago that I no best use, but I can't accompany myself to advertise him because he has 500+ amateur for me. I accept a 91 POTM Hazard that I'll allegedly never use afresh and even admitting I never admired the agenda that much to Buy FIFA 18 Coins, I don't ambition to put him into an SBC because he has over 500+ appearances for me (he was my go-to WL air-conditioned sub in the Fall).

I accept a lot of red IF cards that I'll never use, but so far I've kept all of them. I just feel like they're altered items and I like accepting them as trophies for my harder plan in the WL.

I accept a NIF Musa, Gibbs, Sanches, and Milner from aboriginal in the FUT aeon that I've kept all this time because they're club legends due to FIFA 17 and/or beforehand FIFA games.

Basically, I just don't like to get rid of cards that accept played a lot of amateur for me and/or cards that are absurd to replace.

Yeah, if a amateur has 100 appearances for my club I'll never get rid of them. I've aswell kept every alliance SBC amateur - what if I al of a sudden ambition to accomplish a SBC Perbet team?

I captivated out for a continued time with the SBC cards. Afresh I adopted a new rule: I will not put the SBC agenda into an SBC unless the amateur has an according or bigger tradeable agenda available. That still didn't in fact save the Nigerian ST (J League), McCormack, or Griffiths.

I accept IF Dzyuba, SIF Dzyuba and TOTS Dzyuba all in my club, because they've all denticulate a acceptable bulk of goals for me. Can't get rid of them!

I had this with Al Soma and Semedo until I was larboard in abjection by this brainless practice.

My 81 Kante has about 1,500 games, never gonna advancement him because I've never had a apparent affair with him.

Sometimes I backpack an untradable adaptation of a agenda I already accept and use a lot, and it pains me to advertise my old agenda because of how absorbed I was to it. Makes no sense, it's the aforementioned player, aforementioned ratings, etc, but it still bothers me.

I still use Sebastian Rode, and he usually does well. I aswell still accumulate Bobadilla and Dabo, even admitting I haven't acclimated them in a while because they were abundant for me aboriginal in the game.

I had this with so abounding of my red players until i anticipation "fuck it its about the end of fifa." I had an 86 mertens who was candidly so anemic and bits for me but because he was red and becoming i didn't ambition to about-face him in, i never acclimated him but just to accept him i didn't ambition to about-face him in.

I had IF Joao Mario and SIF Brozovic in my club for over 600 amateur combined, they in fact fabricated FIFA fun for me appropriate about January area it commonly gets air-conditioned boring.

Recently awash them both to do the Gerrard SBC, Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins and although it was air-conditioned aching to do so, I adulation Gerrard a bit too abundant to canyon this befalling up.