A bit of a broadcast from the EA devs

Is it just me, or this a arrant broadcast from the EA devs? I in actuality acquire this was a bit of a broadcast from the EA devs. They acquire created some advertising about "favourite SBCs" abiding with with in actuality no adumbration that it is accommodation only.

Then, it transpires that the aberration was that we will not in actuality get to own the SBC players, we will abandoned get allotment of a WL with them.

New agreeable is abundant and Buy FUT Coins all that but can anyone see the annual of accomplishing it this way? They could acquire let us in actuality own the cards and adore them for the blow of FIFA but they chose loans. It just doesn't accomplish faculty to me.

I feel for the humans who bare an SBC amateur to complete Totti. I feel for the humans who were absorbed about accepting the adventitious to own cards they absent out on.

I'm not one of those "Hate EA" guys and about acclaim them for the agreeable this year but I in actuality acquire this is a bit of a piss-take on their part. In actuality they acquire to acquire accepted it wouldn't go down well?


I anticipate that the abstraction was appropriate but the timing was bad.

For a ton of humans who can't allow the abounding one, this gives them a adventitious to play with a appropriate Ibra, Sharaaway, etc. But I don't anticipate they factored in that a lot of casuals are gone already.

Had they artlessly declared at the alpha of the promo that antecedent amateur SBCs will be loans there'd had been no advertising to activate with and accordingly no disappointment/backlash.

I in actuality abort to acquire the acumen abaft some of the decisions this aggregation makes.

I anticipate EA accomplished the bazaar wouldn't be able to handle all of these SBC's if they weren't loans. 83-85's would dispatch to abreast max.

Sure, they could acquire appropriate a appraisement of 80 all-embracing with one OTW player, but you rob the humans who completed the claiming beforehand of their coins.

Futties isn't for this sub, it's for the basal amateur who never dreamed of commutual any of those SBC's in the past. Sucks for those that invested, but advance doesn't appear afterwards risk.

I can candidly say as anyone who completed a scattering of FUTMAS and POTM SBCs that I would acquire no affair with humans accepting the cards months afterwards for a cheaper price.

What I'm affronted about is the way they congenital up the advertising by advertence a 'twist', which angry out to be their way of accusation over the FIFA 18 Coins community.