A blast boilerplate amateur in FIFA18

Hey there, acceptable to a quick assay apropos the cast new FIFA 18 Demo! I'm an boilerplate player, Gold 2/3 FUT Champs, and I played alone 2 amateur adjoin the AI in the World Class difficulty, so accumulate that FIFA 18 Coins in apperception throughout the afterward first impressions.


- Players: Nicely improved, they attending added astute and the expressions are far bigger than those awful smiles there were until FIFA 16. Assuredly something Frostbite bigger brilliantly

- Crowds: We've been scammed guys. Remember those "HD fans" that were advertised? I don't apperceive if it's just to achieve the Audience abate in agreement of acclimated storage, but these high-quality admirers alone arise (like magically) if a amateur runs to celebrate with the crowd. (It's even absurd to admission that anniversary in the replay)

- Pitch, lights, etc.: They acquire assuredly fabricated them added vivid. The attending of the angle at night was arid and anemic in FIFA 17, but it was able-bodied adapted in 18.


- AI play style: Assuredly that Pep's Barcelona-like blazon of play is gone. The AI players play fluidly and abundant added realistically, and the accession of AI accomplishment moves achieve their gameplay added unpredictable.

- Defending: I've apparent abounding humans adage that the arresting has been badly nerfed. Personally, I don't anticipate so. It's authentic that you acquire position the defenders and accommodate well, but the AI can accord you a duke if in trouble.

- Dribbling: The aboriginal blow feels a bit apathetic IMO, but it's simple to get acclimated to it. Changing the administration of the run feels easier and added realistic. I haven't activated abounding skills, so I can't accord a abysmal assay on this, afar from the affected shot/Cruijff Turn, which is artlessly amazing and mugs the opponents off appealing easily.

- Shooting: Nothing abundant has changed, even admitting I haven't activated abounding continued shots (which I've heard they were OP).

- Quick fun fact: If you alarm a 2nd man for the bang off, you can canyon the brawl to him while he's advancing to the centre spot.


- Quick subs: They accumulate the bold fluid, but there should be the adventitious to actualize added than 3 presets, as you never apperceive who is traveling to get annoyed faster or which appropriate subs are traveling to be bare during the game.

- PL presentation: A nice accession to assure added accuracy to the game.

If there was any point that I didn't awning or if you acquire any question, feel chargeless to comment!