All I've been doing is bidding on Fifa Mobile coins

For trading, look up tips from FUT Economist, Golden Bear or Imaduckquackquack on here. They're top level traders.

All I've been doing is bidding on Cheap Fifa Mobile Coins non rares needed for SBCs and selling them for anywhere from 300 to 500 coin profits.

It's not amazing, but that and pack luck has gotten me to around 250k already, which is way more than I've had at this point in any other FIFA. Hope this helped a little.

Thanks mate, trying to understand how everything works. Completely new to FUT. I only have 7.5k at the moment.

Also, if you go to the ea sports fc catologue, you can unlock coin boosts (it's the thing you go to when you click the right stick on xbox).

There are some when you get like a 1k bonus for a certain amount of games. But I'm not sure if they stack, so it's safest to buy one, use it for as many games as it allows, then buy another.

They (sorta) stack. I claimed them all at the same time and they'll just give you the rewards in order. So 200 for the first X matches, then 1000 for the next 5, then 200 for the next x matches, etc.

Good to know. I swear the first year they had em they I did that and only got like the most recent one i purchased, so I've been weary of them since.

It was very easy to make money pre release through the web app and is a lot harder now unless you know what you're doing.

Play some games, maybe open a few promo packs and generally buy low sell high.