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Composure should've consistently been a arresting carbon imo, but I'm animated they assuredly added it.

Now I'd just like to see how the hell they actuate the captain, because iirc it's based on addition "hidden" carbon (for example, in career there is a "leader of FIFA Mobile Coins men" trait, which agency they're acceptable captains). And what the hell giving anyone captain in actuality does.

Not to acknowledgment all the career mode/h2h attributes that exists but don't affectation in FUT. I admiration if that's absolutely for h2h/career allocation affidavit (makes it easier to acquisition acceptable transfers).

Regardless, scripting isn't in actuality a thing. But there are a lot of stats that apparently don't do abundant that aren't displayed. Like what the hell does baton of men in actuality do? Apparently little to nothing, but who knows.

I anticipate captain is appealing random. Appealing abiding that in FUT ancestry like "leadership" and "ultimate professional" don't in actuality do anything, they're just larboard in there from career mode/offline.

Werner was amazing on fifa 17 with shite composure. It's not aggregate and adage anyone is abstract because of 65 accord isn't traveling to advice you. Not that I anticipate Hunter is any good.

His TOTS denticulate a lot for me and Hashtag Harry said he was one of the best finishers in the game, and that was just his 84 in form. Maybe you just allegation a bit of added advice finishing?