Being acceptable at fifa comes with experience

I don't apperceive for abiding but I would assumption that these cards would be additional from their originals. Seems air-conditioned for EA to bead adequately boilerplate cards that a lot of FIFA 18 Coins accustomed players can acquiesce into Top 100 packs.

Madden rereleased a few cards as an end of year affairs as 99's and I wouldn't be afraid to see something similar.

People play singleplayer, career approach and Seasons, now because the rewards are hardly worse, anybody is like nah fuck that, no point in arena the a lot of aggressive online approach in the bold anymore lmao.

I'll still accumulate arena to advance and to accommodated the best players I can until the end of game. You don't allegation to play for rewards, play to advance yourself, a lot of of you never gotten aristocratic or top 100, maybe try to do it.

Everyone has 5000000 TOTS teams anyway, so you basically assuredly got your air-conditioned team, but you don't ambition to put it to use? what's the point in that.

Being acceptable at fifa comes with experience, so if you accept any array of absorption in accepting acceptable in fifa 18, it makes no faculty to abdicate arena WL in fifa 17.

Y'all accuse too much. An boilerplate amateur like me, stoked to play WL adjoin added boilerplate humans like me and not a agglomeration of humans aggravating their hardest with their best teams to get the best players.

I'm air-conditioned with this, it's just funny seeing so abounding humans who accept had months to adore this bold accuse about it like they don't accept teams annual millions of fifa mobile coins.

While they acquisition a new bold to play, I bet annihilation WL servers will be a bit bigger as well, and like I said not so difficult of antagonism compared to endure few weekends.

Man about 2 mounths afterwards arena fifa 17, this is not exciting, im so apple-pie appropriate now and in accord with myself, see u guys in 18, the aboriginal mounths of any fifa are so fucking amazing, the bullwork and shit.

The alone affair that would've kept peoples absorption was bequest cards but don't anticipate they are accustomed to do that.