EA accused me of cheating in Fifa Mobile Coins

EA accused me of cheating in Fifa Mobile Coins online. I do accept the bold but never already played it online because I blot so abundant at it.

They afterwards banned my accomplished EA annual so that I couldn't login to Battlefield or any added online game.

I wrote them an email and they unbanned me for every bold except FIFA afterwards two weeks.

I'm still not abiding what happened. I don't anticipate my annual has anytime been compromised as I use a about generated countersign I accurately created for EA and don't use elsewhere.

My agent gets afraid on a annual basis. Even if I've started actually new accounts and whatnot, I lose my account.

That accepting said, EA consistently helped me accepting a new annual with the aforementioned

amateur or convalescent my account, but their aegis is applesauce tier.

I got afraid from Taiwan (I reside in Norway) and I never got an email. And afresh if I emailed EA about them absolute this, they absitively that it was the actual decision.

Do they candidly anticipate I went to Taiwan, cheated in Battlefield, afresh went home to Norway and asked if they could accessible it again?

I own soooo abounding amateur on Agent because of a Russian thief. My annual got baseborn and I was too apathetic to balance it for a few months.

If I assuredly did, I begin out the Russian dude added like every bold to my account.