FIFA 18 seems to acquire some array of issue

If chiral arresting is now a thing, they NEED to fix amateur switching. If a striker is alive at my centre aback and I columnist L1/LB, PLEEEAASE don't put me in ascendancy of my CDM who's 10 yards abaft him.

And yes I would use the appropriate stick to change players but bluntly that's in actuality broken. A guy can go anesthetized your LM, FIFA 18 Coins run into the centre of the pitch, you columnist UP to about-face from your LM to CDM and you're now authoritative your RB.

I'm in actuality acceptable at chiral switching with the appropriate stick and you still can't get the amateur you ambition a lot of the time.

I anticipate they ambition it in the bold on the sly just like Kickoff Glitches.

The appropriate stick is no added able for alteration amateur in this bold as the lb button. Its stupid. Even if you do about-face to the appropriate amateur he seems to apathetic down if you about-face to him.

Also manual/air balls/auto switching doesnt admonition either. Auto switches too late, air assurance about auto switches if the brawl is on the arena anyhow and chiral is the same.

I havent played an online bold of fut yet artlessly because i dont assurance the bold to let me avert the way i want.

The added day i played a band battles game, tackled a amateur with alderweireld and the brawl fell to the antagonist who was chargeless to his left.

Why was he chargeless you ask? I'll explain. My let back, Ryan Bertrand, who i wasnt controlling, auto ran beyond the ambition to block the antecedent attempt from the antagonist (that i dealt with with alderweireld) abrogation te antagonist in actuality chargeless 15 yards from goal.

If youre traveling to accomplish arresting chiral why does (a) the apostle go to accomplish an auto block, and (b) the apostle not do the bald minimum that i apprehend the ai to do and at atomic mark the chargeless man?

Other than that the AI brand to bluff sometimes (yeah they arent in actuality cheating but some things you artlessly deceit avert because of bits arresting ai and the adversary ai accepting te advantage of alive in actuality if to time tackles, crosses and dribbles) added to the actuality the adversary ai can avert in actuality abundantly unless its a adverse advance it makes the bold arresting at times.

Have you approved application the appropriate stick instead? I didn’t even apperceive this was an advantage until endure anniversary and I can anon see the benefit of Cheap FIFA 18 points. It took a few amateur to breach my L1 habit, but it’s annual it.

Unfortunately, FIFA 18 seems to acquire some array of affair as even with the appropriate stick, it switches me to the amiss player.