Fifa Coins added admired than Messi

He was absent and didn't apperceive if the nominees were mentioned already.

So he said to Ronaldo that he should accept told him, and Ronaldo said that was why he was hitting him with his foot, and the Maradona was like "Oh that's why you were hitting me" or something like that.

I accept no abstraction because his accent is so incomprehensible and incongruent, but he was about to acknowledge the champ afore the previews and that was appealing funny.

He said abounding times that Messi is better, but Fifa Coins he'd like to be added admired than Messi so he'd like things not to go for Messi.

Like Pele 2 hours ago said Ronaldo is the appearance amateur as Ronaldinho and that Messi is a abundant bigger player.

But i am 100% abiding he said CR7 is a bigger amateur endure year and Messi year before.

These guys allocution too abundant bits just to break relevant.

lmao if ronaldo wins the cl it's all about the aggregation but if sneijder or ribery win the cl, they should win the award. humans are so anti ronaldo it makes my anti messi bent assume weak.

It shows that they amount a aiguille year with trophies college than getting consistently the best.

There is something to altercate for both opinions.

Yeah man, what a joke, actually assertive the knock-out circuit of the a lot of important antagonism in the season. How cartel them accord him the award.

------------------------------- We are worse than k-pop fan girls arguing which advance accompanist has added sex appeal.