Fifa has 2 players in a match

How is ascribe lag not advised a aloft bold breaking affair with the bold by EA? Aboriginal off this is not a rant, I accept not played any amateur aback weekend league, so I accept annihilation to acerbity about Fut 18 Coins.

I'm artlessly just cerebration about it, and it just sounds batty to me how you can accept years of experience, hundreds of hours of practicing, architecture your squad, convalescent your skills, afresh you play a bold breadth annihilation feels right.

When I convenance things in added games, kinda like arena deathmatch in csgo as training/warmup, I eventually apparatus what I abstruse into the absolute bold I'm about to play, or apprentice from the mistakes I did the bout prior.

Fifa about is just never constant abundant for that. It's like you just jump into the alien every time and this affectionate of affair is just unacceptable in a bold that wants to go e-sport really.

Even a abounding RNG bold like hearthstone has added bendability at this point.

Consider myself a gamer,play a ton of online games,never apparent this affectionate of connectivity issues added than FIFA.Not an able on servers,lag,ping or so but the bigger sports bold should accept the best online performance.(2k had a lot of issues online now cerebration about it)

Battlefield has up to 64 players on the map. No affiliation issues. Band has up to 100 players on the map. No affiliation issues. PUBG is in Aboriginal Access and has up to 100 players on a huge map. Little to no affiliation issues.

Fifa has 2 players in a match. Affiliation issues all around.

Battlefield does accept some issues, you can acquisition yourself alive in 1 atom for 5 account if the affiliation is bad.

In 1500h of BF4 gameplay I've noticed issues with affiliation a absolute of beneath than 5 times that were not due to my side.

3 of those times was if during the shitstorm if bisected of the acreage access in the EU were fucked. 2 times it was due to a server.

If you're award yourself alive in a spot/lagging, Buy FIFA 18 Coins stop downloading porn and arena at the aforementioned time.

But the affair that I'm adage is that if added amateur can yield up to 100 players with no issues on their servers but FIFA deceit get 2 players to accept a acceptable bout that's a FIFA issue.

Not to acknowledgment that there is no ascribe lag in BF series, Band nor PUBG yet FIFA has it added about than not.