News - Whoever I anticipate MM will be

Not even American, but just accomplished my amateur absolute was absolute applicable for today! I anticipate Bateson has like 4000.

Mine are mostly bronzes, and they are abandoned until an SBC requires them, and afresh they skyrocket. I accept low Coins because they're consistently angry up in investments. I consistently accept like 2000 on Monday and 300K on Friday.

I'm not that surprised, even admitting it is still insane. There accept been abounding times breadth I accept had over 3000 players, and I don't even absorb money on the bold for packs.

So that's basically from SBC packs, a few FUT Champs rewards and some (not that many) brownish packs bought with FIFA coins.

So anyone who opens god knows how abounding packs will accept an batty bulk for sure. What do you beforehand in on sundays?

Whoever I anticipate MM will be. Didn't do it this anniversary because of the Concacaf Gold Cup. It's a applesauce shoot. But players are absolute bargain Sunday night on the east bank of North America (think like 1AM Monday morning UK if you're there).

I fabricated a few hundred K anniversary of the endure few weeks academic one appropriate bold and afresh bankrupt even one the few I didn't get right.

Just bid abandon players, like 300-350 for non-rare golds. And bethink to save every amateur you accessible in brownish packs if you do that method.

Another way humans do it is buy the Beast FC players (Butland, Smalling, Bailly etc.) on Sunday because WL is over and humans sell, and afresh advertise them aback on Thursday night/Friday morning if humans ambition them again.

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