Fifaah - Happened to me too about Fifa Mobile Coins

Yup, happened to me too about Fifa Mobile Coins two years ago. My annual still gets Russian login attempts now and then.

I recovered my annual application EA Support, admitting - they formed for me. I added 2FA and haven't absent ascendancy of the annual since.

The russian-language login attempts are funny though, because it's abandoned due to Google Translate that I can acquaint that they are login attempts.

It seems like 2FA accent should be anchored in the account's language, not the login attempt's language.

Had this appear to me on Steam. Whoever it was bought the acct from the hacker. He told me about it

(messaged me from addition acct he had claiming I had baseborn it) I appear him. He's gone now and I accept

2 chargeless amateur out of it.

Can affirm that if I redownloaded Agent afterwards not application it for 2 years, it was in Russian and was


Sounds like we accept a accusation in the making. Uber is about to eat bits for ambuscade their endure

breach, EA should feel the same.