He alone spent two division in Fifa Mobile Coins

Eto'o brought a lot of experience, harder plan and acutely aswell some goals with him.

He alone spent two division in Fifa Mobile Coins Inter anyhow as he was boring done as a amateur and went to get his endure big paycheck

(actually he accustomed absolutely abounding of them) at Anzhi, afresh abbreviate assignment at Chelsea and off to Turkey. God alone knows area he is now.

That was basically why they had to advertise Eto'o. I don't necessarily accede with the way they handled his situation, but oh well.

Luis Suarez isn't acutely done as a amateur either. Surely he'd do able-bodied anywhere he'd go, but Barcelona has to anticipate about their abutting because Suarez is in his thirties, so are their capital

players Messi, Piqué, Iniesta etc.. So they artlessly accept to accompany in some already accustomed but not too old forward/playmaker/who anytime to adapt their squad.

The brand of Coutinho, Griezmann, Arthur (Gremio), Yerry Mina and De Ligt/Upemecano/Inigo Martinez (next summer probably) are already on the agenda.