Honduras had two admirers run on the fifa mobile

Lmao what just happened. All upsets, Honduras had two admirers run on the Cheap Fifa Mobile Coins field. Panama with the backward goal. Chaos.

People in Panama are traveling nuts, it's the aboriginal time they authorize for the apple cup. We are ecstatic As an Icelander I apperceive how you feel and am absolutely blessed for you! Til hamingju! Sjáumst á HM!

Well I assumption it shows how accepting annihilation to play for can go either way. Maybe Mexico and Costa Rica not at their best, but Trinidad played with no pressure. No excuses, but interesting.

Panama had a ambition that didn't go in, Honduras with the attempt off the bar again off of memo's head. This absolutely was the absolute storm.

But T&T were already abandoned so they acclimated this bold to agreement and play a lot of their adolescent players. None of their apparent names were in the squad.

So maybe the US tries with their B aggregation instead of rolling Michael fucking Bradley out of the retirement home year afterwards year if it's accessible that he's done. What a bits performance.

The US doesn't deserve to participate unless they apple-pie house. We can't even use "well it's not a accepted sport!" if we accept 350 actor added humans than the country that exhausted us.

Absolutely at atomic 11 out of the millions accept to amateur soccer, right? I haven't been this agitated over a action in a while.

The US needs to apple-pie abode and alpha fresh.

I’m trini and appealing abundant our B team.

We’ve got a few players arena for Euro clubs who did not play for this game.