I acquire just bought Messi

I acquire just bought Messi...Bought him bygone because he was so acceptable in approved division mode. Able-bodied in fut he was alright but not annual 400k FIFA Coins. 80 dembele can do the aforementioned for me, but I aswell capital to acquire him just already in my club.

Never said dembele is the same! F.e dembele is creating way added affairs for me! Afresh messi! Messi on the added ancillary is scoring a lot more, and with messi I annual in 3 outta 5 chances, with dembele it's maybe 3 outta 8 affairs but of course messi is messi!

Also aboriginal time for me during TOTS if I arranged TOTS Alejandro Gomez. Body a appropriate aggregation about him.

I advance to use him as appropriate accompaniment or cf/cam, he in actuality is amazing. Consistently in the appropriate atom and every acumen with his larboard goes in. You'll be afraid how abundant headers he wins as well.

After this year they will both acquire the aforementioned bulk of Ballon d'or's and Ronaldo has already won added Champions Alliance titles, is the aboriginal amateur in history to put up a absolute ambition to bold arrangement at Absolute Madrid, has led his country to a aloft European appellation which Messi hasn't done, and he was he aboriginal amateur to annual 100+ goals in European Play.

There is in actuality no altercation who is the best amateur now that Ronaldo will acquire the aforementioned bulk of Ballon d'or's but if you acquire to amuse try to aback up your apocryphal claims.

The Apple Cup... and behindhand of that he can't even win a South American Cup with Argentina.

There's consistently excuses. Argentinas band is far added accomplished afresh Portugal's is and your aswell just aggravating to belie this one point, you don't acquire any altercation for all the added affidavit why Ronaldo is better.

I'm not adage Messi isn't a abundant amateur he is calmly the 2nd BEST amateur of all time but aggravating to altercate he is the best is just not factual.

Not that this agency annihilation but Pele aswell came out and said Ronaldo was the best amateur ever.

Portugal won cartoon with everybody and Ronaldo didn't even play the final. And aswell I don't see titles authoritative who's a bigger player. The best amateur is the one who plays better.

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