I admission never done an Figure SBC

I've never done an Figure SBC as im extenuative up to hopefully be able to do R10 or R9's eventually and I was apprehensive what affectionate of investments i should be authoritative advanced of time to prepare FIFA Coins?

I'd like to buy players afore the SBC comes out acutely as their prices will go up but Im not abiding what these about require.

From annual a little bit it seems conceivably a LW figure and barcelona players. What abroad do you guys advanced it'll yield and do you admission any amateur suggestions to buy?

Invest in 86+ rated cards during the aboriginal TOTY lightning rounds. These cards are at an all time low now, but they will catchbasin even added during TOTY until/unless EA absolution some BIG Prime Figure SBCs (which I brainstorm they will next Thursday). So buy up 5 or so anniversary of the cheapest 86-90 rated cards afore next Thursday and you'll be set!

Also, bargain 84-86 rated IFs are a abundant bark as well. Use FUTBIN to appearance the appraisement history of these cards and buy appropriately (basically annihilation lower than what they are now is a GREAT price).

I wouldn't anguish about affairs Icons as you never apperceive what the Figure requirements are traveling to be.

Just delay for the SBCs to bead and you'll be able to complete one of the bargain Figure SBCs for beneath than what the cheapest Icons on the bazaar will cost. (this is why I say to buy 5+ EACH of the cheapest 86+ rated cards)

When prices were at an best low Sunday night, I absitively to do the Prime Vieira SBC. I had a ton of 86+ rated cards and 84+ rated IFs in my club, so I didn't admission to buy any players.

The alone botheration was Vieira requires 2 Icons (one axial Figure and afresh an Figure from any position in an 89 rated squad).

The cheapest axial Figure on the bazaar was about 500k, but the Deco SBC was beneath 450k. So I adored 50k PLUS a agglomeration of appropriate packs.

For the 89 rated squad, the cheapest band-aid included a 400k Figure GK. Instead, I did the Schmeicel SBC for 350k, extenuative addition 50k PLUS packs.

Moral of the adventure is, if you're searching just to adapt to complete these SBCs, don't anguish about Icons and just get top rated players. No accident of advance in an Figure in the amiss position!