I am admiring the chiral defending

I'm admiring the chiral defending. It creates the abundant bald accomplishment gap. In fifa 17 a abundant worse amateur than me could luck his way through a draw and FIFA 18 Coins even a win. No more!

Now, if you are bad and arena adjoin a accomplished opponent-you get destroyed. That is why you will generally acquire 8:0 or agnate scoring games. If i absence a tackle, i get punished for it.

All the amateur i've absent so far i was the inferior player. And the ones that were tight- well, it could've gone either way and i still don't feel mad.

For the humans adage there are too abounding top scoring games-this is what happens if there is a accomplishment gap. let me breach it down.

* 7:5 or agnate unrealistic account = none of you can defend

-losing or acceptable by one or two goals with a astute result=similar accomplishment akin and it could acquire gone either way.

* accident by a ample margin= you are arena abundant added accomplished amateur and should..... Gid Gud

I’m a WL aristocratic 3 amateur endure year and I can aboveboard say this arresting and abridgement of ambition befitting is a fucking joke. The bold is broke until patched.

The arresting is decent, it increases the accomplishment gap dramatically. the goalkeeping, however, is a anarchy and there is no point in putting any acceptance in any keeper.

So what you was a aristocratic 3 in a worse fifa bold ? Dont aggregate now and you just complete pissed that you acquire to acclimatize to the defending.

There needs to be a bigger accomplishment gap if ea ambition fifa to be an e sport.

No added AI to awning for your arresting in FIFA 18 buddy, acquire fun in WL.

The tables acquire turned. Now is the time of the chiral defenders who apperceive how to time tackles and not blitz in.