I feel that my tots Ousmane dembele

I feel that my tots Ousmane dembele is quicker to absorber the brawl rather than his accustomed agenda and feels hardly bulky because he wants to be strong. But he still feels FAAAAST.

Also I feel acme = Strength, beaucse Ibra smashes anybody off the brawl even if the acquire the aforementioned or added strength.

Also acid animations acquire a abundant aftereffect on players IMO:

I adulation Reus on this bold he feels so bland and his acid animations are amasing.

But, These are some bad acid animations I acquire found.

Kane - Sidefoots aggregate no bulk what

Hazard - Toepokes everything

Icardi - does some active attack with his abate which is not powerful.

Kante and Bellerin - Angular aback and shoot in fact arced ( so aids keepers become retarted)

Thanks for autograph this I acquire acquainted it for so continued but just couldn't put a feel on it.

I've acclimated 99 backbone players who are 5'10" or 6' and they can't authority off the smallings/baillys/kantes of fifa. but afresh i acclimated TOTS dzyuba, who is like 6'5" IG and he rag dolls everyone.

Instead of hwight, we can attending at the weight. I begin that Smalling and Boateng both acquire 90 kg, which are a allotment of the heaviest CB in game. I acquire acclimated so abounding CBs in this bold and they beef all players off FIFA 18 Coins.

And Ibra is 95 kg from, accordingly he feels acutely strong.

I'm animated somebody assuredly bought this up. I was browsing on Futbin a brace of weeks ago and noticed the weight carbon which I'd never noticed before. Got me cerebration about weight vs acme vs backbone etc.

If we acquire that the a lot of important stats for an baffled CB like Smalling are: Height, Weight, Strength, Pace, Aggression, Reactions, top arresting plan ante and accepted arresting stats.

If we array players by the key concrete stats: Pace, Height, Weight, Aggression, Backbone and a top arresting plan bulk afresh TOTS Koulibaly is a massive standout with 4 cards in the top 5 (the added accepting TOTS Chiellini).