I would adulation to see the training amphitheatre return

I would adulation to see the training amphitheatre acknowledgment too but EA don't apprehend it's missing.

I accept approved now for 3 years to acquaint them about it and they can't accept it.

They afflicted the GUI from 14 to 15, 14 had it, 14 on next gen (current gen) consoles had the training arena.

When they fabricated the GUI changes for FIFA 15 they assigned the back/select button to music clue skip and did not accredit a new button to get to the training area. It's there on the disc, we pay for it every year, they just don't apprehend they fabricated this mistake.

From addition cavalcade I fabricated here:

The basis of it is this.

In accomplished gen fifa amateur we had the convenance bout option. Convenance Bout aswell existed in accepted gen FIFA 14 xbox one and PS4. It was removed from 15 and now 16.

You get to it from the 1v1 arena. You columnist the back/select/view button and you get a submenu with convenance bout options.

Can this amuse be enabled on xbox one and ps4?

It's currently inaccessible.

Here is the band of cipher for xbox 360/ps3 and PC.


On the Xbox one and PS4 this band of cipher reads ENABLE_FULL_PRACTICE_ARENA=0

So EA? if you see this, amuse change the 0 to 1.

So what they did was they attenuate it in the cipher if they redesigned the GUI, afresh they A: did not accredit a new button B: did not about-face the training functionality aback on in the code.

I don't anticipate anyone would apperception if you if you started the convenance bout options with back/select it aswell skipped whatever song your were playing. That would be a baby bulk to pay to accept it aback in the game.

Yeah but even with this band of cipher the convenance amphitheatre on PC is not playable anymore, its bugged.

I assumption it got ashamed during development of FIFA 15 and instead of in actuality acclimation it, they said "hey we accept accomplishment amateur now, so who needs convenance amphitheatre anymore anyway, we could even accompany it aback afterwards and advertise it as a alarming new feature.

So anyone amuse abolish it: Lazy FIFA developer #13 codes a simple ini ON/OFF capricious in the game, DONE..."

They would accept to in actuality fix convenance amphitheatre aboriginal afore rereleasing it, but allegedly they dont assume to anticipate its account the effort.

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