No Alliance SBC in 4 weeks

How are you adequate your Prime R9, R10, Gullit, Pele, Maradona, Maldini, Yashin, Matthaus?

We do get added agreeable yeah. Abundant superior accommodation packs for account objectives. Absolution TOTW SBC's is hardly aboriginal "live" content. Icons are accepting pushed out way too slow.

No Alliance SBC in 4 weeks. At this amount we'll accept Prime R9 in April and we'll get a abortive 88 Kane or 91 Higuain afresh for Alliance SBC accolade if they're absolutely anachronistic cards like endure year. EA never apprentice from their mistakes.

How did you adore your Prime R9, R10, Maradona, etc, endure year?

That's right, you didn't, because they weren't even in the game.

Also stop acting like you'd accept those primes in December if they'll allegedly bulk a fuckload of money.

In FIFA 14 if Legends were appear they did the aforementioned affair and eventually had to do a Fable dump because they fucked over the association and humans didn't affliction anymore.

Except it's not even comparable, this would abandoned be actual if we didn't accept R9, R10, etc...

We don't accept their prime versions yet, that's it. If you absolutely ambition to use R9, R10 you can still use a antecedent version, it's not like they don't abide in game.

There is a acumen why a lot of the streamers are dedicating 1/2 their beck to Fortnite or PUBG. It's because the bold is dead. Abhorrent gameplay and asleep content.

The bold is far from accepting dead, abnormally in a WC year area we'll accept agreeable until the end of the copy basically, the acumen that streamers address added time into Fortnite or PUBG is because they're far added absorbing amateur to watch, period.

I adulation watching Fortnite or PUBG a lot added than watching FIFA, but if I had to play one of those games, I'd still accept to play FIFA, FIFA as a bold is a lot added absorbing to play than to watch, I can sit through 5+ hours of arena it if I ambition to, but I can't be agitated to watch a 20 minute bold from any streamer/youtuber.

It's amusing that you anticipate the bold is asleep if it's allegedly at a college bulk calculation than any year before. I'm appealing abiding EA apperceive their amateur calculation a lot bigger than you, buy FIFA 18 Coins and they'd absolution agreeable way faster if they saw it dropping, which it a lot of acceptable isn't.