Not just EA or just with FIFA

What you dont accept to accept is that EA isnt alive in this subreddit, so any feedback/advice accustomed actuality won´t get noticed anyway. Hell they hardly even pay absorption to their FIFA 18 Coins forums.

Those accoutrement just serve the purpose of giving an befalling to humans to altercate what they´d like to see in the next fifa, which is like the absolute abstraction of reddit: humans administration and discussing their ideas, thoughts, creations etc. And thats in actuality fine.

So PSA: stop accusatory about posts, that dont breach the rules of the subreddit, just downvote them if you like instead and move on.

EA advisers are actuality all the time. They even animadversion about reddit accoutrement on their cheep feeds every now and then.

There's a acumen why we had account giveaways a while back. Just because they don't animadversion actuality (I can't accusation them), doesn't beggarly they don't appointment the sub.

They can't accurately affirmation that they got account for a new bold from actuality or their own forums or anywhere on the internet because they could get sued for bookish properly. This goes for every gaming aggregation in the world, not just EA or just with FIFA.

Even the mods from this sub got arrive to the EA HQ in Vancouver to analysis beta versions and abide acknowledgment years ago.

They accept even helped a few humans actuality who were afield banned. There accept been posts from humans in actuality thanking EA advisers could cause they apprehend their cilia actuality and they PM'd them to admonition them.

Well anyhow EA adeptness be a little added alive afresh I thought. But the actuality is the fifa association isnt about as abundant complex in the development activity as added titles with alive subreddits such as CSGO, DOTA, LOL, Hearthstone, Overwatch etc.

FIFA basically has 1 big agreeable application (aka abounding priced new version) anniversary year, which isnt appear up until a ages afore released. So the association doesnt accept a absolute adventitious to access the changes already they apperceive them. And afresh accept to delay accession year to achievement their acknowledgment gets silently noticed from the developers for the next game.

And that bookish acreage affair you are talking about is a just authentic babble excuse. There are abundant added gaming communities with alive developers responding in FIFAah. Just because you address some accidental abstraction on reddit you deceit fucking sue a aggregation for application it lol.