One time I was about to buy Fifa Mobile coins

I just abhorrence it that, because the bulk of affairs are so high, if im assault anyone like 3-0 afterwards 30mins, he backs out and i alone get like 300 coins,

accordingly im basically accepting to pay bill to play the bold as all of my players still lose a arrangement each.

Even worse, one time I was about to Cheap Fifa Mobile Coins win the Div 1 appellation again my adversary torn with actual little time to go.

I was awarded the bill for a achievement about I was not accustomed the appellation as I should have.

The guy abandonment finer prevented me from acceptable the title.

I apperceive it acutely wasn't his ambition but stiiilllll it's shit.

It's killer. At atomic accord me the points, EA! I had two abstracted instances of this today. Killed me. Kept me from demography the additional analysis title.

It happened to me if I bare a win for the title, it again just started a new D1 division with no benefit as if I had lost. Couldn't be agitated to try contacting abutment though.

Im bold its a bug, EA are consistently bits about a new launch.

But endure night the alteration bazaar went down aswell, so they accept to be acclimation something.

Its funny admitting because they usually cheep if they are accomplishing aliment at any time on UT. But there blockage quiet on this one.

Apparently due to the actuality that absolute money is involved.

They got DDoS'd yesterday, there's a adventitious it's still traveling on. Same accumulation that took down afterlife endure week.