OP didn't even beacon the Fifa Mobile Coins cheap

OP didn't even beacon the Fifa Mobile Coins cheap conversation, the rep accomplished his own aberration in allurement the question.

candidly that was a appealing solid rep and i anticipate OP is just on the back-bite ea train.

Yeah not continued ago My Agent annual was hacked, the username and countersign changed.

Had aught emails about these changes but I was still application my email as the username to log in.

The abandoned acumen I became acquainted was because whoever was application it got a ban in Battlefield3 ( theres BF4 and BF1 on the annual too) and they opened a CS babble to appeal an un ban, this was emailed to me.

Admitting none of the added authorise emails got here.

I contacted CS they appropriate a new email and password. Which took several emails and countersign to authorise.

From there they couldn't change my username aback and they wouldnt reinstate BF3 not that I was agitated about that, but still.

Fairly abiding my uPlay annual has been Russian for a while, acknowledge god uPlay is a accumulation of bits I never use contrarily it would be an affair with how generally I become Russian.