Pretty bad ultimate aggregation year for me

I admiration this all the time. I accept played 1000 amateur and I accept 90 cavani and 90 di Maria and a solid ligue 1 seria amalgam beneath them but afterwards 1000 amateur and maybe 15 weekend leagues that's all I accept and I spent 100 dollars on this game in packs too.

Some humans are just advantageous or rich to Buy FIFA 18 Coins. Absolute few are in actuality acceptable abundant to acquire it afterwards luck or money. I'm activated im not the abandoned that wonders lol but thats in actuality acceptable for abandoned 15 WLs.

For me i've played over 3000 amateur accept abandoned absent max 4 WLs and accept got a aggregation account 4 actor and afresh ive spent about 3 actor on sbcs yh that is a lot but it wouldn't get you TOTS ronaldo TOTS messi TOTS neymar all in one aggregation and i've accomplished aristocratic 1 brace times and mostly accomplished aristocratic 2/3 a lot of of the times and afresh gold 1 and added occasions so i admiration what i've done amiss if I face these humans with such players in one aggregation and there not even good.

Yeah I'm a gold 2/3 at best because I get absent a lot as I played a lot of my amateur in a abode at academy so abounding guys were advancing in and out and I account them so I'd abeyance or leave the game.

But I accept arranged de gea like 3 times this year so that's breadth I got a lot of of my coins. Aswell the bazaar blast happened during finals if I wasn't amphitheatre so my 1.2 mil aggregation went to accepting about a 600k aggregation afresh I did potm son and it went down to 400k aggregation and that's breadth I'm at now. Appealing bad ultimate aggregation year for me.

It all depends on luck I never accomplished higer than aristocratic 3 and i got TOTY Ron and TOTS Messi. I did put in about 200 euros including the bold at the alpha but still if you're advantageous you don't allegation skill.

I'd adopt Vieira to Matthäus because of his height, Matthäus is abandoned 174cm And his accomplished defence has H/M workrates, so it could be worse I guess.

I Accept acclimated this defence can affirm it's the best defence I accept used...Workrates not a issue.

I've apprehend a approach in addition cilia thats is not an affair if the absolute backline has identical workrates.

When all defenders accept H/M, afresh they're still on the aforementioned line of Cheap Fut 18 Coins, but if you would add Chiellini with L/H, afresh its absolute awful acceptable you would get gaps amid your CB's.

Sounded logical, not activated it myself.