The dumbest affair for Fifa Mobile Coins

I acquaintance Agent abutment and let them apperceive that my annual has been compromised, ask them if there is annihilation they can do to get any of those players back, and afresh I afflicted passwords, etc.

The dumbest affair for Fifa 18 Coinsme was if I was like 14 or something, I got banned from The Sims 3 forums for saying, literally, “Shut The Front Door ;)” as a delicacy for STFU.

They assuredly banned my absolute EA annual from all amateur and their stores. It was so idiotic. Just fabricated addition annual anyways.

A few months aback I approved to get my old amateur transferred to my new account. It’s been like 10 years aback I got banned from their forums but they didn’t care.

They said it was abiding and there was annihilation they could do.

It's actually from EA. Upon added analysis it looks like my EA annual has been compromised. I went to the "order history" area of my EA annual and there was this acquirement for FIFA 18 added than a ages ago.

Mind you, I accept no abstraction how to apprehend or allege Russian. I approved to change my countersign and set up the Login Analysis for bigger aegis but it asks me to admission the acknowledgment for this aegis question...

Edit yes it's spelt phishing. I arrested reddit afore traveling to bed at 1am afterwards watching beat for 6 hours.

Aswell didn't apprehend the column to draft up as a Riot adjoin EA and appropriately accepting a lot of views.