They're traveling to address us to fifa 18 Coins

I don't apperceive why Atletico would advertise to Barca if they could advertise him for as abundant money abroad afterwards deepening their absolute rivals.

At this point, it doesn’t matter. Whoever pays the absolution commodity gets him. Be it Pe?arol or Pachuca or even Chicago Fire.

united could pay his absolution and griezmann could debris alive that we're traveling to be in for him. if we pay the absolution commodity and griezmann agrees, atleti don't accept a say on it.

also, this commodity is annihilation but shit, we reportedly agreed a accord with atleti for him to move in summer, i.e. we will not be paying the absolution clause.

There is added letters that we accept a accord with atleti than this one adage they're traveling to address us to Fifa 18 Coins.

No reliable antecedent has appear out and backed this rumor, Greizmann may able-bodied be abrogation for Barca but their's no confirmation.

It's accept for him to leave, but I don't anticipate they'd be too blessed to see him move to a absolute competitor.