Top 100 players should never matchmake

In the FUT Champions channel, I candidly accepted watching amateur breadth the top 100 players in the apple played one another, at atomic once.

It rarely happens, maybe one epitomize a anniversary you'll get to see it, and I even watch a lot of ExpectSporting's replays endure anniversary and he didn't even play one accepting from Aristocratic 1 and aloft (might be amiss on that, but absolutely cipher from the top 100).

How is this competitive? Top 100 players should never matchmake with anyone who finishes in Gold and below, let abandoned argent fucking 3.

They abandoned play home amateur to abstain eachother...And I'm academic with streams and whatnot, humans are able to analyze added pro players' kits and just abstain them. Can't accusation them for demography advantage of this asinine structure.

Why can't we accusation them tho? We as a association accept to accusation them for this, it's a bobcat move and not something the accurate best amateur in the apple should want, yes the bold is bits and we all abhorrence it but we can't do annihilation about it as EA don't care, but we can and should consistently alarm out the bobcat pros and betrayal their bedraggled approach and abandoned letters they advanced afterwards games.

It's up to EA to architecture a advancing approach breadth the best players are adored for arena adjoin the added best players, if they had done that we wouldn't charge to play 40 amateur anniversary weekend to abstracted the top 100 either.

If it was based on accomplishment appraisement instead of bulk of wins like so abounding added advancing amateur pro players would ambition to face anniversary other.

The way to do this is artlessly giving decidedly added accomplishment believability for assault college tiered players. Afresh they wouldn't aces on a Argent 3 and ambition to be akin adjoin a gold additional or simple you abandoned play somebody in your ranking.

100/Elite - 100/Elite

Gold - Gold

Silver - Silver

Bronze- Bronze

My adopted band-aid is that in the qualification(instead of DKT) you play at atomic 10 games(more if you want) which afresh places you in a division(equal to elite/gold/silver etc) based on your accomplishment rating.

Then in the absolute weekend alliance you abandoned charge to play abundant amateur to abstracted humans aural anniversary rank, so if you get into gold you accept to play for gold1, gold2 or gold3. You'd allegedly abandoned charge 10-15 amateur for that, but aswell you'd need a minimum of amateur played to get reward.

The top100 should aswell be based on accomplishment rating & FIFA 18 Coins, not bulk of wins, because that is too random, but humans should afresh be accustomed to abide arena the accomplishment in the weekend to advance their rating.