Two versions of FUT Champions

I ambition there were two versions of FUT Champions. I never accept the time to play added than like 15 amateur a weekend but I win a lot of those games. I'm currently 8-0 this weekend but I can't play any added amateur this weekend.

It's arresting because I consistently admiration how I'd do if I managed to play all 40 games. I achievement next year there's a way for acceptable players to accretion rewards from something added than Cheap FIFA 18 Coins arena 40 amateur over the weekend.

I just anticipate that it shouldn't be a 'weekend league' and should run from Thursday - Tuesday. I'm in the aforementioned position as you (although on PC so abandoned 25 games) and if I've played all the amateur (only 6 times) I've got aristocratic 3.

Give humans who accept added things to do, be it family, plan or accessory the adeptness to play as abounding amateur as they can. There is in actuality no acumen that it is bedfast to three days.

I anticipate it should run all week, Monday to Sunday, with the DKTs active alongside. Win a DKT or get gold 3 to authorize for afterward week.

In access it sounds like a acceptable abstraction . But I anticipate you would run into issues with matchmaking.

People already allegation about the accepted ELO system, brainstorm if it has to be broadcast (ie you play a added ambit of accomplishment levels and regions) if WL was during the week?

Not to acknowledgment it would accomplish seasons affectionate of obsolete. I dunno it sounds acceptable but I would artlessly add an added day, be it thurs or Monday. 4 canicule to complete 40 matches is doable.

They should accept it accessible 7 canicule and accept 50 amateur imo, with dkt's on 24/7 with altered requirements every 24 hours, would be bigger for both sides.

My abandoned anticipation about not accepting it 7 canicule a anniversary would be that there needs to be a bound alpha and end to anniversary week, so that there is at atomic one day of restbite amid anniversary competition, and a adventitious for humans to get rewards and change their teams up for new players/new requirements.

I don't accept why EA can't accomplish a array of WL during the week...I don't accept time on Fridays and Saturdays which is why I am affected to play at atomic 30 amateur on Sunday (which I did once).

It's appealing arbitrary as I went 7-2 on Friday and I had to stop at 18-8 on Sunday because I couldn't be agitated to play added games.

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