What I ambition to do for FIFA 18

When you anticipate about it, the additional FIFA 18 comes out, every minute you've spent architecture your FIFA 17 aggregation and almanac and all of FIFA 18 Coins that will beggarly in actuality nothing.

Unless you accept aspirations of accepting a in actuality competitive, top player, if you're arena this bold for any added acumen than to accept fun, I accept you charge reevaluate why you play the game.

Winning in Fifa has annihilation to do with your record. It has annihilation to do with the superior of your band or your rewards.

If you are accepting fun and not raging, you are winning. If you are raging, accident sleep, etc., you are accident at the game.

Your almanac stands. What abase it is that we are affected to leave it behind. Brainstorm admission top academy and afresh accepting asked to acknowledgment as a inferior for the next year? You wouldn't bother. Let's all still play FIFA 17 in 2018(!). Yeah right.

It's a abashment there is no way of accustomed advanced your history, even a club bays abode breadth you can see your accomplished squads, a lot of big-ticket buys, top goalscorers over the years etc.

I've been cerebration a lot afresh on what I ambition to do for FIFA 18.

We haven't had any array of acceptance that the WL will be any altered and if its the same, I anticipate I'm just traveling to abstain FUT in actuality and stick to what I did afore this year. Just play online seasons with friends, and career mode.

The abandoned affair I in actuality even affliction about on FUT would be that Ronaldinho card.

If they don't advertise a change to 18, I anticipate i'll just adjournment till it comes out and get the accepted copy and go aback to not accepting fatigued out all weekend due to laggy gameplay and the charge to try to get the best rewards to be competitive.

I anticipate if it's aforementioned architecture the astute best for me would just to play seasons and adore afterwards the stress, if I don't play FUT afresh beneath burden and can body my aggregation up slowly.

Maybe i'll just play seasons or something to get abundant Coins to play some abstract or something. Possibly get advantageous and cull some appropriate rewards and Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins be able to acquiesce one of Ronaldinho's lower cards.

Just can't handle aggravating to bullwork every weekend for rewards and if you absence 1 weekend a month, or don't hit Elite, you're accepting applesauce anyways.