Whether EA apparatus things server side

Sometimes I admiration whether EA apparatus things server side. For example, on several occasions this year, we went through abhorrent phases of players accepting afflicted every bout admitting no application updates.

Makes me admiration if EA acquire the adeptness to set RNG and altered sliders via server manipulation. Just a thought. If EA can change backpack weights bisect side of FIFA 18 Coins, what's to stop them implementing added things?

I dont apperceive man. I acquire no clue about annihilation that has annihilation to do with packs as I acquire alone opened packs afterwards amphitheatre drafts, and that sums up to a absolute of four abstract attempts in the accomplished of FIFA 17 (compared to about 200 in FIFA16) all played in the aboriginal anniversary afterwards release.

However, I do not anticipate this is something they change server ancillary over the year or annihilation like that.

I anticipate this is something congenital in to how this bold works in general, in any approach in the bold - and has been for a continued time.

However, it is not a accustomed that you will acquaintance it every bout - admitting you will acquaintance it often.

Some redditor talked about the affair that the EA servers are alive on 30 Hz per second, acceptation you get 30 updates per added that are beatific aback and alternating amid the applicant and the server. He argued that this affects the bulk to which your bold feels acknowledging and may could could could cause the issues we are experiencing.

I'm not actually abiding if it was 30 or even 10, but there are online amateur which use 60 Hz servers, which would accord you 60 updates per second, which would be in band with 60 frames per added that the Ps4 is able of assuming on screen.

Maybe the aberration amid the Hz bulk and the FPS can could cause these issues.

To me this seems plausible, as sometimes my ascribe is not registered by the bold due to me not accepting able to hit the able frame, aback there are alone 30 updates per added instead of 60? I'm not an able but well.

There's arete to the online slider abetment discussion.

For example, if a amateur shoots and his accepted leg goes through his continuing leg, we put it down to a graphical glitch.

However, if you play with the adeptness bar slider offline, if you set the slider to 70+, you'll get the aforementioned action 10 times out of 10.

The adverse is aswell accurate if the slider is set to 25. The amateur takes a aeon to shoot by which point he gets blocked etc.

Another archetype is if you set your custom approach aback band to 1. Your defenders should and will anatomy a complete adamant and bound aback line.

However, set the 'line width' slider to 70 and apprehension the huge gaps amid your defenders even admitting the custom tactic will still be set to 1.

This array of affair happens in FUT. The sliders yield precedence.

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