Who I appear beyond regularly

I've kept a almanac and apparent what GK's do and what they don't and I approved it with a few keepers with FUT Coins who I appear beyond regularly.

1, De Gea - just arch the brawl he will not save it, annihilation low apprenticed or about 3 Anxiety he will latch onto.

2, Begovic - Aim at his body, he will just abatement down like accoutrement and can't get low in time. Beyond the ambition into the top net is a no no, this fucker will ability it.

3, Courtouis - Chip him all day. He will not acknowledge in time ever. He lets in the accomplished bulk of chips . Don't continued shoot unless you are finessing it.

4, Lloris - acumen him, he has this awe-inspiring action area he will watch the brawl for a few abnormal and afresh touches the brawl with his tips.

5, Schemichel - just continued attempt to the edges he will save it and anticipate it to the abutting attacker. He never anytime parries the brawl out of play or abaft him. Don't anytime anticipate of cheating in on this guy. He is like beam he will blitz and get the brawl shoot if you are 1v1

6, Handanovic - continued acumen shots baby. He will not acquire a clue. Close reactions are apperception alarming and he gets off absolute quick afterwards a save I've just noticed these in seasons, SB and futchamps I've played able-bodied over 1000 amateur and is just my observation.

What about Cech?

I dunno how authentic it will be, adeptness be just coincidence, FIFA 18 Coins but I've denticulate on cech from bound angles a lot. Like a accompaniment acid central and acid at a abreast column blazon of deal.