Wish it were still on Fifa Mobile Coins

In adjustment to achievement their own advance and anticipate shitposting to the max acclimated to accept action club rules.

If you talked about poland brawl you would accept been banned. Honestly it's apparently one of the best chastened subreddits around.

Wish it were still on Fifa Mobile Coins action club rules, I see at atomic 1 acknowledgment of that sub in every animadversion area for the accomplished year aback they alone up.

When I accustomed to address I got alleged a "fucking racist nazi" and aerial for 24hrs. Three times.

Edit: Accustomed to acquisition the animadversion but it was on an old annual and I anticipate the column was removed.

I accept a gut activity that the sub would be an complete trainwreck if racist jokes were tolerated. Not that it justifies the mod response.

To be fair, there are a lot of racist jokes. But durably of the lighter variety. I apprehend that guy got banned for something abundantly offensive.

Racist jokes are accustomed from what I remember. The alone affair they were acid down harder the lst months were banning humans who accustomed to advance any austere genocide abnegation stuff.

The absolute subreddit is racist/nationalist jokes, if you ascertain racist/nationalist as annihilation founded on those kinds of prejudice.

The alone affair that saves it is that it's balanced and light-hearted, with cipher activity singled out, cipher activity immune, and anybody activity it's fair and amusing, even if their group's accepting the abbreviate end.Racist jokes are accustomed but it has to be bright your argot is durably ensconced by ones cheek.