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Where's that video if I charge it. If I bethink correctly, Bo Jackson runs all the way to the ambition zone, turns around, runs to the added ambition zone, turns afresh and assuredly array afterwards bistro the accomplished quarter.

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TIL There is a accumulation of humans committed to afterlight the Tecmo Bowl NES rom with accepted rosters and aggregation graphics.

Or Abject Wars area you could just exhausted up all the CPU guys to get central the esplanade home runs all the time. The unicycle guys were alarming for that.

I was bedeviled with that bold as a kid. Never was abundant in to baseball, but stick robots in it and let me action the added team? I'm in.

It was even easier that that, just run the QB to your own endzone and bandy it from there. The aegis will all chase the QB while the receiver will be in the added team's endzone waiting.

There was no absolute to the ambit a QB could throw, so you could consistently get a touchdown with this Hail Mary play.

Or Blades of Steel for the NES. If you were in the beforehand adjoin the AI, you could adumbrate abaft your own goalie and be adequate for the blow of the game.

The added players just ram into him over and over and abatement on their face.