You should be a bit added careful

I'm assertive that 99% of the humans who disagree with you are just abashed about what you're adage or don't accept the issue.

Imagine instead of that pop-up you see the accomplishments awning instead of FIFA 18 Coins...The Adapt Calendar screen. From there you either hit whichever button will Beforehand or whichever button will Go Back.

Currently with that pop-up awning allurement you which of the three to do Fut 18 Coins, it turns a one button - or no button - activity into a multi-button action.

You lose in actuality annihilation by accepting that pop-up gone. Maybe you should be a bit added accurate if you're aggravating to advertise a amateur like ronaldo.

There's a bug on Mobile that still hasn't been anchored area sometimes you put in a price, change it but it doesn't save the change.

Early in the year I accidentally typed my min bid bulk as my buy now bulk on De Bruyne, afflicted the buy now to 120k and it didn't annals and I awash him for 90.

How is that useless? it allows you to add exercise or aspect cards if you ambition to or you can just play.

The point is it should just automatically yield you to the adapt aggregation screen. Afresh if you're able with the aggregation you just columnist admission to go to the match.

But it's bad architecture either way. You either charge to bang to change your team, or bang to advance. If it should just yield you to change your team, one bang to advance. Done.

The accent banderole awning at the alpha of the bold is just as annoying. No I don't adorned French this time. Either way it is one bang correct?

Not if you ambition to adapt your team, that's what I'm saying. Aboriginal apple problems I know. But it's just one of those things that makes you admiration why they've coded it in if it's added plan for the user.

The loading screens are fair play, they're there for a acumen abnormally if it's online (although the banderole awning can go). But little things like this are just annoying for some.

No, it is two clicks if you ambition to adapt your aggregation afresh advance.

The chat is absolutely adventitious aback you can 1 bang into a bold from alteration your aggregation anyways.