Auto Looting and Amoys in Diablo 4: A Beginner's Guide


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Introduction to Amoys

When you start your character in Diablo 4, you'll notice a small doll-like creature following you. This creature, called an Amoy, plays a pivotal role in your early game by guiding you through the main quest on the tutorial island.

Unlocking Your First Amoy

· Early Levels: Up until around level 10, you will have to loot items manually.

· Main Quest Progression: By following the main quest, you'll eventually reach a point where the doll will give you your first Amoy.

· Key Milestone: This typically happens around levels 7 to 10.

The Role of Amoys

Once you receive your first Amoy, it will automatically start looting items for you. This means you no longer have to pick up drops from monsters or bosses manually. Here are the main benefits of having an Amoy:

1. Auto Looting: Your Amoy will pick up all dropped items from defeated enemies, saving you time and ensuring you don't miss valuable loot.

2. Healing: Amoys also provide periodic healing. Every six seconds, your Amoy will use resources to heal you, especially useful during combat.

Managing Your Amoys

Accessing Amoys

· Menu Navigation: Press Escape and select the "Amoy" tab to manage your Amoys.

· First Amoy: The first Amoy you receive will have basic looting and healing capabilities.

Unlocking More Amoys

As you progress through the game, you will unlock more Amoys, mainly through:

· Blue Quests: These exploration quests, often found during your adventures, reward you with new Amoys. Pay attention to quests around major areas like Castle Town.

· Events: Special in-game events can also provide unique Amoys.

Using Amoys

· Healing Ability: Amoys use "Wall Tree Leaves" to heal you every six seconds when your health drops below 80-90%.

· Interaction: You can interact with your Amoy by clicking on it. Options include:

o Speak: Communicate with your Amoy.

o Boast: Perform an action to boost morale.

o Console: Provide comfort, which may have various effects.

Practical Tips

Optimizing Loot and Health

· Auto Loot Efficiency: Ensure your Amoy is always active to take full advantage of auto looting, especially in high-density combat areas.

· Health Management: Utilize the healing abilities of your Amoy during tough battles to conserve potions and other healing resources.

Unlocking and Choosing Amoys

· Exploration: Regularly participate in blue quests to expand your collection of Amoys.

· Event Participation: Engage in special events to acquire exclusive Amoys with unique appearances.

Customizing Your Experience

· Favorite Amoy: Choose an Amoy that suits your aesthetic preference since they all function similarly in terms of looting and healing.

· Interactivity: Engage with your Amoy through the interactive menu to add a personal touch to your gameplay.


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