​Boss Fights With Better AI


It was interesting to think about the idea of "enemy families" that the developers are discussing and noticed that the AI in previous titles was quite sloppy. This isn't a huge problem as most of it's about eliminating an army of demons before players have time to create the "plan".

However, with the dungeons and key dungeons at the end of the game, I'm thinking that the devs can make "final/boss fights" further and give boss fights additional depth. This is by making the enemies fighting them improved AI, and increasing the difficulty by refining the AI for more difficult versions of this dungeon. This could mean something similar to ....

An example of a The Monster Family: Ice Demons

The frigid maiden is a Dungeon Boss. A tall, lanky and a little feminine white and blue demon whose black, pulsing heart is visible through her crystal-clear and slender torso. Aura that continuously applies chills at a rapid pace for those who are within close range".

Frozen Archers: Ranged Combat. Unsealed minions of the Frigid Maiden armed with bows and frozen ice arrows that have been enchanted. They can fire a flurry of arrows within the area for two seconds. It deals additional damage depending on the chill of the target. This ability is cool down.

In Diablo, typically it's like The Frigid Maiden and the Frozen Archers were doing their own thing. When the cooldown timer for the Frozen Archer's ability is reached the archer uses the ability. What I would like to see are frozen Archers wait for groups of players to get together and shoot at the ones that have the highest chill levels.

This is a very basic illustration and may be limited to high-level or endgame challenges however I'd like to be able to see this. Increase the danger and demand a higher game rather than "Kill the bad guys! Get the loot!" And more "Kill the bad guys But Rogue and Sorceress take out the archers fast, Barbarian and Druid tank the most terrifying thing, however, leap and race away before you become too cold. Then, you win your loot!"

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