Castle Siege Guide in Throne and Liberty


Today we're diving into the details of the Castle Siege event in Thrones and Liberty. Players with good gear will be in the spotlight in the Castle Siege team, and if you're a USD player, In order to save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience new content, you can buy Throne and Liberty Lucent Coins on MMoexp with competitive prices, instant delivery, professional services and security guarantee. Here's everything you need to know to prepare for and take part in this epic battle.

Understanding the Castle Siege Event

Event Overview

The Castle Siege event is divided into three phases:

1. Preparation Period (15 minutes): Players ready their strategies and resources.

2. Siege Battle (45 minutes): The main battle phase where attackers and defenders clash.

3. Additional Time (3 minutes): A final rush for last-minute attacks or defenses.

Siege Mechanics

Entry and Preparation

· Territory Lines: Once players cross into the Fortress Battle Zone, they enter combat territory and can be attacked.

· Camps: Numbered camps (1-4) act as respawn points for guild members if they die during the battle.

· Main Point (Purple Flag Area): This is the critical capture point in the middle of the castle.

Attacking the Castle

1. Golems and Creatures: Players can attack the castle using Golems and other large creatures.

·  Stone Crusher Golem: Ideal for destroying walls.

·  Castle Gate Crusher Golem: Specialized in breaking down gates.

·  Jump Attacker Golem: Effective against enemy players inside the castle.

2. Flying Creatures: These can be used to land inside the castle, bypassing some defenses.

Battle Phases and Objectives

· Preparation Phase: Guilds set up their strategies and gather resources.

· Siege Battle: Attackers aim to break through gates and walls using Golems while defenders use various strategies to repel them.

· Transformation of the Guild Leader: Once attackers breach the final defenses, the guild leader can transform into a superior being with increased power and defense, crucial for capturing the castle.

· Transformation Defense: The guild leader must survive for three minutes in this form to secure the castle.

· Respawn and Recovery: Defenders can respawn at controlled towers, making it essential for attackers to capture these points.

Key Strategies for Success

For Attackers:

1. Use of Golems: Utilize different types of Golems strategically to break through defenses.

2. Target Tax Towers: Capture tax towers to gain resources and weaken the enemy’s economic strength.

3. Coordination: Work with allied guilds or create sub-guilds to capture and hold strategic points.

For Defenders:

1. Fortify and Repair: After each battle, repair walls and gates to prepare for the next siege.

2. Control Tax Towers: Protect tax towers from being captured by attackers to maintain economic strength.

3. Strategic Respawns: Utilize camps and teleportation stones to quickly re-enter the battle.

Economic Aspects

· Tax Collection: Guilds controlling the castle can collect taxes from various activities within the castle territory, increasing their resources.

· Distribution of Resources: Efficiently managing and distributing collected resources among guild members is crucial for sustained defense and preparation.

Post-Siege Activities

· Repair and Rebuild: Immediately after a siege, repair damaged structures to prepare for the next attack.

· Resource Management: Gather and manage resources for continuous fortification and upgrading of defenses.


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