Diablo 4 walkthrough: Every step should be familiar


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The Shrine Quest: An Overview

In this segment, our objective is to unlock the path to a mysterious temple by gaining blessings from shrines dedicated to the Prime Evils: Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo. This journey is perilous, and only the Blessed can open the way. Let's break down the steps you need to follow.

Starting the Quest

1. Introduction to the Shrines:


1. Begin by learning about the shrines from Elias, who mentions that these shrines are connected to Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo.

2. Acknowledge the risk involved, as only those blessed by the Prime Evils can proceed.

3. Choosing to Take the Risk:

4. Decide to take the risk to gain the blessings, starting with the Baal Shrine.

The Baal Shrine

1. Location and Lore:


1. The Baal Shrine is tied to the Lord of Destruction, whose influence has sparked countless wars.

2. You will need to speak Baal’s true name: "Tor Palos" to proceed.

3. Challenges and Combat:


1. Be prepared to face numerous adversaries as you make your way to the shrine.

2. Utilize your skills and strategies effectively to overcome these foes.

The Diablo Shrine

1. Understanding the Fear:


1. Diablo, the Lord of Terror, is the source of every mortal fear and nightmare.

2. To unlock this shrine, you must speak his true name: "Al Diabolos".

3. Facing the Nightmares:


1. Confront the manifestations of fear and terror that guard this shrine.

2. Stay strong and focused to succeed in this part of the quest.

The Mephisto Shrine

1. Confronting Hatred:


1. Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, is crucial to your quest.

2. You need to be cautious, as his influence can be particularly agitating. His true name is "Dole Mephistos".

3. Dealing with the Corruption:


1. Mephisto will test your resolve by exacerbating the darkness within you.

2. Remain vigilant and steadfast to prove your worth and gain his blessing.

Gaining the Blessings

1. Completing the Rituals:


1. After speaking the true names at each shrine, you will receive the blessings needed to proceed.

2. Each blessing brings you closer to unlocking the temple but also increases the challenges you face.

3. Encounter with Mephisto:


1. Mephisto will appear, acknowledging your strength and offering his blessing reluctantly.

2. Despite his aid, be wary of his intentions and prepare for further encounters.

Preparing for the Final Confrontation

1. Elias and the Temple:


1. After gaining the blessings, you'll regroup and prepare to face Elias, who might be in the midst of his ritual.

2. Clear your mind and steel yourself for the challenges ahead.

3. Entering the Temple:

4. With the blessings, the way to the temple will open, allowing you to confront the dangers within and ultimately face Elias.


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