Elden Ring Build Guide: Tanks, DPS, and Support


Hi everyone,I'm creating a guide that covers the different builds and weapons in Elden Ring. In order to provide the best information in the simplest way, I decided to divide the builds into three main categories: Tank, DPS, and Support. In addition, here is a good platform to recommend everyone: Players can buy Elden Ring items and Elden Ring Runes from MMOexp to give better options for weapons. Please feel free to let me know in the comments which weapon you plan to use or if you need a more in-depth guide. That being said, let's get started!

Tank Builds

Sword and Shield

For those of you who prefer the tank playstyle, the sword and shield combination is unbeatable. While some might argue that the Great Sword could be a tank option, I believe the sword and shield offer unparalleled survivability and utility. Here are some recommended builds:

Build 1: Sword and Shield with Great Sword

· Main Attributes: High survivability and crowd control (CC)

· Key Skills: Valiant Brawl, Reflect Counter Barrier

· PVE Tips: Level up Valiant Brawl to Blue as soon as possible for main damage.

Build 2: Sword and Shield with Wand and Tome

· Main Attributes: Holy Paladin style with sleep and CC

· Key Skills: Sleep, Spread for Karmic Haze, Spectrum Agony (optional)

· PVP Tips: Experiment with different healing abilities or passives in the wand area.

Build 3: Sword and Shield with a Hint of Evasion

· Main Attributes: High fun factor with evasion tactics

· Hint: Focus on evasion skills and figure out the rest!

DPS Builds

Great Sword and Dagger

This build is a critical damage powerhouse with excellent CC and insane crit potential.

Key Skills:

· Early Game: Valiant Brawl (Blue), Death Blow, Stunning Blow

· End Game: Shadow Strike, Ankle Slash, Poison, Stunning Blow, Valiant Brawl, Camouflage, Frenzy


· Early Game: Block -> Stun -> Valiant Brawl

· End Game: Shadow Strike -> Ankle Slash -> Poison -> Stunning Blow -> Valiant Brawl -> Camouflage/Frenzy

Sword and Longbow

A crit build with the longbow as a support weapon, focusing on rooting targets and breaking CC.

Key Skills:

· Root: Insnaring

· Break CC: Purifying Touch

· Support: Devoted Shield, Firm Aim

Dagger and Crossbow

For dagger lovers, this build offers high versatility and damage potential, especially in PVE.

Key Skills:

· Mandatory: Nimble Leap, Selfless Erosion

· Situational: Ankle Slash, Fatal Stigma

PVP Adjustments: Replace Quick Fire with Ankle Slash and Black Wind Spirit with Camouflage.

Staff and Tome

One of the strongest PVE builds, focusing on maximum AOE damage and curses.

Key Skills:

· AOE Damage: Kamehameha Beam of Disaster

· Curses: Inferno Wave, Corrupted Magic Circle

PVP Adjustments: Add CC skills like Smoke Screening Frost for disengagement.

Support Builds

Wand and Bow

This build maximizes support potential with massive heals, CC, and buffs for your team.

Key Skills:

· Healing: Massive Heals

· CC: Sleep, Insnaring

· Buffs: Deadly Marker, Blits, Devoted Shield

PVE Tips: Pair with someone for PVE content, as this build lacks damage.

Those are the builds I have prepared for you today. If you have any questions or want something tailor-made for you, I'll be happy to help you with any build you need. In order to save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience new content, you can buy cheap Elden Ring Runes on MMoexp with competitive prices, instant delivery, professional services and security guarantee. Happy gaming!