Endgame Guide for Level 50 Players in Throne and Liberty


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on what to do once you reach level 50 in your favorite MMORPG. Whether you're an experienced player or new to the game, this guide will walk you through the basic steps, and if you've purchased Throne and Liberty Lucent to exchange for materials to upgrade your gear, this guide will teach you how to equip your gear well, maximize its potential, and prepare for end-game content.

Endgame Guide for Level 50 Players in Throne and Liberty

Step 1: Upgrade Your Weapon to +9

Upon reaching level 50, your top priority should be upgrading your weapon to +9 blue. This is crucial as it opens up access to high-level dungeons with superior gear and traits.

How to Upgrade:

· Farm Grow Stones: These are essential for upgrading your gear. You can obtain them by completing contracts.

· Location: Head to the Pure Light Tower in the northwest part of the map. An NPC there will give you contracts.

· Daily Contracts: You receive 10 contracts daily, which can be stacked up to 60. Choose to complete them daily or in a single session at the end of the week.

Step 2: Dive into Level 50 Dungeons

Level 50 dungeons are your gateway to obtaining better gear and valuable items such as marins and lithographs. These items can be used to craft or upgrade gear and sell on the market for a good profit.

Dungeon Tips:

· Gear Drops: Level 50 dungeons drop higher quality gear with better traits.

· Marins and Lithographs: These valuable items drop frequently and can be used for crafting or sold on the market.

· Dungeon Runs: Focus on farming these dungeons regularly to maximize your gear upgrades and earn valuable drops.

Step 3: Maximize Your Contract Farming

Contracts are a reliable way to earn grow stones and other rewards. Completing contracts daily or weekly, depending on your schedule, ensures a steady supply of necessary resources.

Contract Details:

· Ease of Completion: Contracts are straightforward and can be completed quickly.

· Rewards: Contracts provide gold, XP, and grow stones.

· Daily Limit: You can complete up to 10 contracts daily, and the contract manager can be found in Pure Light Tower.

Step 4: Upgrade to Purple Gear

Once your blue weapon is +9, start working towards obtaining and upgrading your purple gear.


· Dungeon Drops: Purple weapons and gear can drop from level 50 dungeons.

· Upgrade Path: Once you get a purple weapon, upgrade it from +6 to +9 using grow stones.

· Traits: Focus on obtaining weapons with the best traits for your class and playstyle.

Step 5: Enhance Your Skills

Upgrading your skills to purple significantly boosts your character's performance in both PvE and PvP.

Skill Upgrades:

· Materials Needed: You’ll need purple marins, which can be obtained from dungeons or purchased on the market.

· Conversion: Dissolve purple marins into blue marins if your skills are still at the blue level.

· Market Prices: Monitor market prices for marins to get the best deals.

Step 6: Participate in PvP Events

Engaging in PvP events can earn you valuable rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

PvP Details:

· Event Timetable: Check the event timetable for PvP events.

· Rewards: High ranks in PvP events can earn you precious marins and rare parchments.

· Strategy: Regular participation in PvP events can provide a steady influx of materials and resources.

Step 7: Efficient Resource Management

Effective resource management is key to maintaining progress without unnecessary expenditure.


· Dissolve Unnecessary Gear: Dissolve gear that you don't need for dimension crystals.

· Trading Crystals: Use crystals to purchase weapon boxes from the senior weapon crafter in the castle.

· Market Sales: Sell items with desirable traits on the market for TL Lucent.


By following these steps, you'll ensure your character is well-equipped and prepared for endgame challenges. Consistent dungeon farming, efficient contract completion, strategic gear upgrading, and active participation in PvP events will make your journey to the top smoother and more enjoyable.

Additional Tips

· Stacking Contracts: If you're busy during the week, stack your contracts and complete them all in one go on weekends.

· Market Watch: Keep an eye on the market for dropping prices on essential materials.

· Community Engagement: Join guilds or communities to stay updated on the latest strategies and game updates.

By following this guide, you can not only enhance your character's abilities, but also enrich your overall gaming experience. Finally, to save your time and avoid wasting too much energy to experience new content, you can cheap Throne and Liberty Lucent on MMoexp with competitive prices, instant delivery, professional service, and security guarantees.