​FIFA 23: A New Era with EA FC 24 and Nike Mad Ready


In the world of sports video games, few titles are as iconic and enduring as the FIFA series by Electronic Arts (EA). With each annual release, FIFA fans eagerly anticipate new features, gameplay improvements, and the opportunity to FIFA 23 Coins build their ultimate dream team in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). However, FIFA 23 introduces a significant change that has left the community buzzing with excitement and concern alike.

In previous iterations of the FIFA series, EA had a tradition of rewarding loyal players who had invested their time and energy into the previous year's title. These rewards, known as Returning User Rewards, often consisted of packs that contained valuable player cards, consumables, and other in-game items. The more time a player spent on FIFA 22, the greater the rewards they received when FIFA 23 rolled around.

Returning User Rewards served as a way to acknowledge and incentivize player loyalty, encouraging fans to stick with the FIFA franchise year after year. It was a system that players had come to expect and appreciate.

FIFA 23, however, marks the beginning of a new era with the introduction of EA FC 24. This new system of rewards and progression represents a departure from the well-established Returning User Rewards, signaling a shift in the way FIFA players are recognized and rewarded for their dedication.

Ultimate Edition owners, the crème de la crème of the FIFA community, have traditionally been treated to a special pre-season campaign as part of their exclusive content. However, in FIFA 23, even this cherished tradition undergoes a transformation. Instead of the familiar pre-season campaign, Ultimate Edition owners are greeted with Nike Mad Ready, a unique and exciting challenge.

Nike Mad Ready in EA FC 24 introduces players to five special player cards. The challenge posed to users is to utilize these unique cards to complete various in-game objectives, unlocking rewards along the way. This fresh approach to pre-season content aims to engage players in a different manner, shifting the focus from traditional Returning User Rewards to active participation in the game's challenges.

The introduction of Nike Mad Ready is a bold move by EA, one that aims to reinvigorate the pre-season experience and offer players a unique and engaging way to kickstart their FIFA 23 journey. It brings an element of strategy and excitement to the game, as players strive to make the most of the special cards and accomplish the set objectives.

While Nike Mad Ready has injected a fresh sense of enthusiasm into the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition experience, it has also raised concerns among non-Ultimate Edition owners. Some players fear that they may now face a distinct disadvantage, as they do not have access to the exclusive pre-season challenge. This divide between Ultimate Edition and non-Ultimate Edition players has sparked debates within the FIFA community.

In place of the traditional Returning User Rewards, EA has introduced Founder Status rewards in EA FC 24. To attain Founder Status, players must log in to EA FC 24 using their EA Account and connect to the EA Servers before November 1, 2023. These rewards encompass a range of items, including Badges, an Evolution, Kits and Stadium Vanity, and XP Objectives.

Notably, there is no mention of packs among the Founder Status rewards. This omission has left some players anxious about their ability to assemble a competitive starter team in FIFA Ultimate Team, as packs from Returning User Rewards have historically played a significant role in jumpstarting a player's FUT journey.

FIFA 23's introduction of EA FC 24 and Nike Mad Ready represents a bold departure from the established traditions of Returning User Rewards. While this change has brought fresh excitement to the Ultimate Edition experience, it has also raised concerns about the potential divide between Ultimate Edition and non-Ultimate Edition players.

Founder Status rewards aim to bridge this gap by offering a variety of cheapest FUT 23 Coins in-game items and objectives, though the absence of packs has caused some trepidation among players. As FIFA 23 unfolds and players immerse themselves in this new era of rewards and challenges, the FIFA community will undoubtedly adapt to the changing landscape, seeking ways to thrive and excel in the game they love. FIFA 23 is a testament to the evolving nature of sports gaming, where innovation and adaptation are key to keeping the fanbase engaged and enthralled with each new release.