​For those who have an issue with purchase failed error


I experienced this issue for some time when I tried to buy royal crystals. I inquired with steam and amazon about what I could do to fix the issue however I haven't seen anything. Therefore, I decided to fix the issue by myself. Here's what I've attempted. It's basically the same procedure that the dev team recommended.

Limit of purchase Check (especially when you feel you swung too many)

1. See to see if you are able to purchase RC on another computers.

2. If you are unable to not buy, you may have already have reached your daily or weekly, or any other limit. If this is the case, you can try again later or time, and then attempt again.

Overlay Check

1. go to steam settings > in-game, enable to enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. If ticked already you have already ticked the box once more.

2. 2: Go on to Properties of Lost Ark. The game can be found in the Steam library. Click right upon Lost Ark under the list of games. Under the General tab, make sure whether the option to enable Steam Overlay Steam Overlay while in-game is ticked. If ticked already, untick and tick it again.

3. 3, Lost Ark and check if the overlay is working , or in the event that the game throws an error. (Default key to switch the overlay is shift + tab, verify your settings)

Run a file Check

If it's not working, stop the game and test the for integrity of the game files. You can find them under the local files in the Lost Ark properties menu.

Shut down your computer and then run the game to see whether you are able to toggle the overlay, or buy the RC.

Authorization Check

1. If the game isn't working, stop the game. Go into Steam settings > disable Run Steam whenever my computer starts. You can find it under the Interface tab.

2. Reboot your system and launch Steam as an administrator. (Right Click on Steam in your Desktop and select Start as Administrator) Or (Right select Steam > Properties > Tick Run this application in administrator mode.)

3. Run the game and verify whether the purchase or overlay is working.

The majority of cases can be resolved with Overlay check and Authorization check , unless you swiped lots and you exceeded the purchase limit. I didn't think that it was authorization that caused the issue as I did not need to modify any settings before I factory reset my computer. If you're not running the game or steam as an administrator regardless of having an admin account to access your system then the overlay won't be able to function which is why the error occurs.

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