Get OP Fast in Elden Ring: A 15-Minute Guide


I'm going to show you how to get OP fast in Elden Ring. Follow my advice and in 15 minutes you'll level up your character, strengthen your weapons, and get more flasks to replenish health. This will give you a huge advantage from the start, but you can also buy Elden Ring Runes coins to get OP quickly and complete your character upgrades to make the game more interesting.

Step 1: Starting as a Samurai

First off, I recommend starting as a Samurai. The Samurai has the best starting weapon, which does decent damage, has a good range, and most importantly, causes blood loss, stacking up damage quickly.

Step 2: Getting Your Horse

1. Reach the Gatefront: Do the basic steps to get to the Gatefront and activate its Site of Grace.

2. Talk to Melina: After activating the Site of Grace, Melina will appear and give you a summoning ring to call your horse.

Step 3: Travel to the Third Church of Marica

1. Mount Your Horse: Use the summoning ring to call your horse.

2. Navigate to the Third Church of Marica:

.  From the Gatefront, head straight down the main road.

.  After crossing the bridge, turn left and follow the path.

.  Pass under a big rock and continue until you see a troll.

.  You’ll find the Third Church of Marica. Enter and activate the Site of Grace.

Step 4: Use the Portal

1. Exit the Church: Exit through the gap in the wall and head to the pond.

2. Find the Portal: Go up through the greenery to discover a portal.

3. Teleport: Use the portal to travel to a new location.

Step 5: Collect the Golden Seed

1. Ride to the Small Tree: Once you teleport, ride down to the small tree.

2. Collect the Golden Seed: Grab the Golden Seed from the tree. This will give you an extra flask to replenish health.

Step 6: Cross the Bridge with the Dragon

1. Activate the Site of Grace: Activate the nearby Site of Grace before approaching the bridge.

2. Run Past the Dragon: A dragon will be on the bridge. Don’t worry, it won’t attack you. Just run past it next to its wing.

Step 7: Use the Gust of Wind

1. Reach the Tree: Continue towards the tree.

2. Use the Wind Elevator: At the back of the tree, find the gust of wind and jump into it to be lifted up.

Step 8: Slay the Giant Dragon

1. Locate the Dragon: Move up through the trees to find the giant old dragon.

2. Activate the Nearby Site of Grace: Activate the Site of Grace before attacking the dragon.

3. Attack the Dragon's Leg: Use your weapon to slash at the dragon’s leg. Blood loss weapons like the Katana are very effective here.

4. Accumulate Damage: Keep swinging until the blood loss effect kicks in, dealing massive damage.

5. Collect Runes and Dragon Hearts: Once the dragon is defeated, you’ll get 74,000 runes and five dragon hearts.

Step 9: Level Up

1. Use the Nearby Site of Grace: Spend your runes to level up.

2. Upgrade Strength and Dexterity: This will allow you to wield more powerful weapons.

Step 10: Strengthen Your Weapon

1. Collect Smithing Stones:

1. Start from the Gatefront and head up the main road.

2. Grab the Golden Seed from the baby tree.

3. Activate the Site of Grace at Stormhill Shack.

4. Cross the bridge and collect the first Smithing Stone from a dead body.

5. Buy three more Smithing Stones from a merchant near the campfire.

6. Fast travel back to Stormhill Shack and follow the path to collect another Smithing Stone from a corpse sitting on a chair.

7. Continue to the area with five trolls and lure one to break a statue containing five Smithing Stones (Level 2).

8. Fast travel to the church and collect the final Smithing Stone from a small cave near the lake.

2. Upgrade Your Weapon: Return to the Church of Elleh and use the Smithing Stones to upgrade your weapon to +3.

Step 11: Increase Flask Charges

1. Use Golden Seeds: Add charges to your flask using the Golden Seeds you collected.

2. Increase Flask Count: You should now have five flasks instead of three.


Congratulations! Now that you have an OP character, you can start your Elden Ring journey. This guide should help you get off to a good start, and in addition to that, you can also purchase coins on the MMOexp platform where best place to buy elden ring items in exchange for materials to enhance your OP character and make you enjoy the game even more.