How to Defeat the Tutorial Boss in Elden Ring with Any Class


Hello everyone, no respawns here! Today I will be guiding you through defeating the Tutorial Boss in Elden Ring using any class. Many guides are either too class-specific or rely on complicated techniques like parrying every attack. This guide will show you how to defeat the boss using simple strategies that work for any class. Different characters have corresponding equipment and items. Players can choose to buy Elden Ring Runes in exchange for powerful equipment to quickly upgrade the character.


Step 1: Lighten Your Load

First, remove most of your gear to achieve the lowest weight possible. This will allow you to move faster and dodge more efficiently.

Step 2: Two-Hand Your Weapon

Start the fight by two-handing your weapon to maximize your damage output. You can switch back to a shield if needed, but the initial burst of damage can give you an early advantage.

Key Attacks to Exploit

The boss has three specific attacks that you can exploit to deal significant damage:

1. Jump Attack

2. Flourish Attack

3. Double Stab Attack

Jump Attack

When the boss jumps at you, roll into the attack and then stab him in the face. This is a common attack, so you’ll have many opportunities to use this strategy.

Flourish Attack

This is the safest attack to exploit. When the boss does a flourish, he’ll always follow up with a specific move. Roll through the attack and immediately follow up with a heavy attack. You can charge the heavy attack for extra damage if you feel confident.

Double Stab Attack

This attack can be exploited, but it’s riskier due to a random flourish that follows. If you’re slightly off, you might get hit. Unless you’re comfortable with the timing, focus on the other two attacks.

Fight Strategy

1. Engage with Heavy and Light Attacks: Start the fight by running in and performing a heavy attack followed by a light attack. Switch to your shield if needed.

2. Exploit the Key Attacks: Use the strategies mentioned above to exploit the Jump, Flourish, and Double Stab attacks.

3. Roll and Attack: Always roll into the attack to minimize damage and immediately counterattack.

4. Manage Distance: Keep your distance to avoid unexpected hits. Having most of your gear off will help you roll farther and faster.

Handling Mistakes

Mistakes will happen, especially in a Souls game. Don’t panic if you get hit. You have some breathing room to recover and continue the fight.


Make sure to use your healing items wisely. Don’t hesitate to back off and heal if you’re low on health.

Dealing with the Second Phase

In the second phase, the boss gains fire attacks. If you have a 100% damage reduction shield, you’ll still take some damage from the fire. Reduce this phase’s duration by using any ranged attacks or magic if your class allows it.

Ranged Attacks

If you’re playing a class with ranged capabilities (like the Astrologer or Samurai), use these when the boss is down to about a third of his health. This will help you finish the fight more quickly and avoid the more dangerous fire attacks.

Example Run

Here's a breakdown of a successful run:

1. Initiate with Heavy and Light Attacks: Start with two-handed heavy and light attacks to get some early damage.

2. Exploit the Jump Attack: Roll into the jump attack and stab the boss in the face.

3. Exploit the Flourish Attack: Roll through the flourish and follow up with a charged heavy attack.

4. Avoid Risky Combos: Be cautious with the double stab combo due to the random flourish that follows.

5. Heal and Manage Distance: Back off and heal when necessary. Keep your distance to avoid unnecessary hits.

6. Use Ranged Attacks in the Second Phase: If you have ranged attacks, use them when the boss is at low health to finish the fight quickly.


Defeating the tutorial boss in Elden Ring may seem daunting, but by utilizing critical attacks and controlling your movements, you can defeat him with any class. Remember, it's all about patience and precision. In order to save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience new content, you can buy Elden Ring Runes on MMoexp that best site to buy elden ring items, instant delivery, professional services and security guarantee. Don't rush, use the strategies outlined in this guide to ensure your victory.

Good luck and take care!