​How to Farm Demonic Gorillas in OSRS


The creatures are a result of the crazed experimentation of Glough. There are two at the close in Monkey Madness II. When you've completed the quest they'll fill the caves underneath the wreckage site, together with their harmed brethren. If you're wondering why to hunt these gorillas, they will drop rare items that are valued at thousands of OSRS gold. From ballista and Zenyte Shards to parts to seeds, herbs as well as runes. They're an incredible collection of precious drops to trade.

Here's how you can start farming them.

unlocking Crash Site Caverns Crash Site Caverns

The first thing you need to do is unlock the dungeon that they dwell in. It's a bit difficult, as it requires your task Monkey Madness II. The quest is long and comprised of a number of steps. Naturally, to complete the quest you must have completed the initial Monkey Madness quest. The two quests can take approximately five hours of time. You may need to exhaust a significant quantity of OSRS gold purchasing supplies as well as higher-end equipment.

In any case, the Crash Site Caverns is the final location you'll encounter at the end of the quest. However, that doesn't mean you are able to start farming gorillas in the Crash Site Caverns, however. You must complete the quest before the demonic gorillas are allowed to roam the underground dungeon.

Be cautious as the Dungeon is a PvP zone. Some rooms are multi-way while others are one-way, but all require your determination to be able to endure. It's not just about fighting gorillas, but with other players too. You could go to a more remote area however, it won't take away the danger to other players completely.

Combating with Gorillas

If you've successfully completed the above quests and are now ready to begin farming You should be at least 80-80 Melee, Attack, and Ranged with around 70 Prayer. This is the minimum amount of numbers you need to finish the tasks and defeat gorillas with great effectiveness. It's now time to begin making OSRS gold by selling the gold you have gathered from the battle against Demonic Gorillas.

Gorillas are able to attack through Melee, Magic, or ranged. They change styles after they've missed three times. But, you have to be praying against the style in order to force it to switch styles regularly. Knowing the next style from the one-to-one (Ranged or Melee) style is simpler. If the gorilla gets closer to you then they're employing Melee. If not, they'll choose the ranged style. There aren't a lot of indicators you can use to help you predict it.

They also have the option of activating Protection Prayers after they have taken 50 damage. This mechanism takes the method which completes the damage to 50 into consideration. For instance, if you take 20 damage using Melee and 30 damage with Ranged the gorilla will pray for Ranged. In reverse, they'll be praying against Melee. This is why you should have at least two ways of fighting that you can choose from, most preferred Melee and ranged. They're both good at Magic Resistance, so it's not a very popular choice for combat with range.

They have a special attack which is a stone that falls on the player. It will take around a third of health. You can easily dodge it by simply moving one tile when you're targeted. It is unlikely that they will use this attack if they're employing Melee to target you.

The Demonic Gorillas, because of their nature, are both monkeys as well as black demons for Slayer Tasks. Due to this, it makes them susceptible to demon bane weapons too but not Holy Water. It is not possible to use Dwarf Multicannons to hurt them as well, and Verac's set and special attacks won't override their prayers.


To level up Slayer the best equipment would be:

Slayer Helmet (i)

Infernal Cape

Amulet of Torture


Bandos Chestplate

Avernic Defender

Saradomin Chaps

Barrows Gloves

Primordial Boots

Berserker Ring (i)

Twisted Bow

Dragon Arrows

It is possible that you will need to purchase OSRS gold in order to purchase these top equipment. They won't be inexpensive. There are, of course, less expensive alternatives. But you'll need The Slayer Helmet Arclight the Barrows' Gloves and a ranged weapon (the Toxic Blowpipe is a great alternative).

Outside of Slayer tasks, Your best gear is the same as above, however, you should change the helmet to the Neitiznot Helmet or Faceguard. You can also make use of your Void Knight set if you already have one.

Make sure you have enough food and potions so that you're able to farm for as long as you want to.

Hunt Those Gorilla

If you've learned all of these the right time to begin hunting for them is now. With all the riches you'll be able to accumulate and who knows, you could even be able to offer OSRS gold for sale to people who are in need. You've never heard about such a thing from us. Remember to be a good farmer and earn OSRS gold!