​How to get the new Bayern Munich star in FUT 23?


After the 99-appraised Jude Bellingham Player Minutes, EA Sports has delivered another Player Minutes card for FIFA 23 Extreme Group. This new expansion is, in all honesty, the South-Korean safeguard Kim Min-jae. We should figure out everything about this new in-game cheap FIFA 23 Coins.

EA Sports has delivered many energizing promotions for A definitive Group mode in the FIFA games. Player Minutes is likewise one of those promotions, and it praises a few unimaginable snapshots of a particular player during a season. These minutes could go from a game-dominating objective to a significant triumph.

The Korean protector Kim Min-jae is the most recent to join the Player Minutes club. EA Sports did exclude him in this series for any of his amazing exhibitions last season yet for his exchange move from Napoli to Bayern Munich.

About the FIFA 23 Kim Min-jae Player Minutes

Kim has a 79-evaluated Uncommon Gold as his default card in FIFA 23 Extreme Group. A good card most fans could have utilized during their initial days in the mode or for finishing SBCs. However, over the last season, EA Sports gave him many redesigns for his inconceivable exhibitions. Be that as it may, not a single one of them are really near his new 98-evaluated Kim Min-jae Player Minutes, which has some marvelous details.

The new Bayern Munich star has staggering guarded details with 97 Protecting and 99 Rawness. Yet, he even has 99 Speed with some fantastic Passing and Spilling details to connect with different players. The Player Minutes card offers him a 5-Star Feeble Foot and 5-Star Abilities, which resembles a good to beat all.

This new Kim Min-jae Player Minutes card states him as a Middle Back (CB) in FIFA 23 Extreme Group. Not at all like different cards, fans can't change Kim over completely to any substitute position. However, in spite of this, it is a unimaginable card to possess, as it helps construct a serious crew.

How to get this new FUT card?

Not at all like Jude Bellingham's Player Minutes and other special cards, this Crew Building Challenge (SBC) isn't just mind boggling. EA Sports separated the test into two portions, where fans need to make two crews of 11 players each. In any case, they ought to meet a few necessities while building the crews.

FC Bayern Munchen

At least one FC Bayern Munchen player ought to be essential for the group.

At least one Group of the Week (TOTW) or Group of the Time (Children) player ought to be essential for the group.

The general rating of the group ought to be more than 88.


At least one Bundesliga player ought to be important for the group.

The general rating of the group ought to be north of 90.

This SBC will cost fans north of 160,000 FUT coins to make the two required crews. Without a doubt, it is significantly cheaper than the SBC for Bellingham's Player Minutes, however fans can in any case bring down their use by utilizing spare cards from their assortment. Furthermore, they can partake in FUT coordinates or complete other SBCs to procure more coins and cards in the event of a deficiency.

This is all that FIFA 23 fans should keep in mind before they endeavor to finish the SBC for Kim's new FUT card. Assuming this guide helped you in getting the card, click here - FUT 23 Coins to find out about the Jude Bellingham Player Minutes SBC.