Last Epoch Endless Storm Werebear Build Guide


Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Action RPG Build Guide. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you the newly refreshed Endless Storm Werebear build for Last Epoch. This build has undergone some tweaks, particularly with the introduction of Tempest Strike, a newly refreshed primalist skill. With these adjustments, the build feels more potent than ever, offering an electrifying experience in combat. In this guide, I'll walk you through the skills, passives, gear, and provide some gameplay insights to showcase its effectiveness.

Skills Overview:

The core of the Endless Storm Werebear build revolves around utilizing various skills synergistically to unleash devastating lightning-based attacks. The primary skills include:

1. Transform: Werebear Form

2. Storm Skills: Crackling Assault, Unending Storm

3. War Cry: Maelstrom

4. New Addition: Tempest Strike

5. Augmented Swipe


To maximize the build's potential, strategic allocation of passives is crucial. Key passives include:

1. Natural Attunement

2. Dual Wielding or Berserker for survivability options

3. Beast Master for Aspect of the Boar and additional damage leech

4. Druid for defensive enhancements like Plating and Hide Skin

5. Blessings for spell damage, lightning damage, and critical avoidance


While there's no strict gear requirement for the Endless Storm Werebear build, certain items can significantly enhance its effectiveness. Recommended gear includes:

1. Claim Scepter: Offers substantial lightning damage boost

2. Storm Carve Testament: Provides additional lightning damage and utility

3. Helmet: Prioritize crit strike multiplier and endurance threshold bonuses

4. Amulet: Look for spell damage and armor bonuses

5. Rings: Focus on attunement and lightning damage bonuses

6. Belt, Boots, and Gloves: Optimize for resistance and survivability stats

7. Unique Items: Consider unique items that synergize well with lightning-based builds


In gameplay, the Endless Storm Werebear build showcases its prowess in unleashing relentless lightning storms upon enemies. With Tempest Strike integrated into the build, players can trigger additional lightning-based attacks seamlessly. The synergy between Swipe, War Cry, and Tempest Strike creates a continuous barrage of lightning strikes, overwhelming foes with sheer power. Additionally, the build's survivability is bolstered by various defensive passives and gear bonuses, allowing players to withstand formidable challenges.


The Endless Storm Werebear build offers an electrifying gameplay experience in Last Epoch, combining lightning-based attacks with robust survivability. With strategic skill allocation, passives, and gear optimization, players can unleash the full potential of this build, decimating enemies with relentless storms. Whether you're seeking thrilling combat or challenging end-game content, the Endless Storm Werebear build stands as a formidable choice in the world of Last Epoch.

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