​Lost Ark: Fragrance and Fish Quest Walkthrough


Fragrance and Fish is quite possibly of the most proposition Lost Ark players a few exceptionally fascinating rewards and this is the way they can finish it.

Out of all the MMOs, Lost Ark is perhaps one of only a handful of exceptional that attempts to adhere to more "legend well disposed" beauty care products (overlooking the infamous Penguin Suit), allowing players to configuration some amazing outfit combinations. Be that as it may, players keen on the fashion side of Lost Ark should get done with certain responsibilities to obtain the materials expected to create these one of a kind outfits.

A compelling technique for acquiring rare material is finishing quests, which Lost Ark has a lot of. And one quest players will want to complete on the double is Fragrance and Fish since it rewards players with much-required assets.

How to Start Fragrance and Fish Quest

To start the Fragrance and Fish quest, Lost Ark players should sail to Panda Island, located north of Anikka (east of Pleccia).

When players arrive at Panda Island, they'll see there are two NPCs: Puppa (northern area) and Chungshu (eastern area). Players will want to make their way to Chungshu since they're the ones that will have the Fragrance and Fish quest. Then, players will be provoked to read a strange Stone Tablet which will guide them to visit three mystery locations (to abbreviate this quest players ought to utilize their mounts).

1 - A Place Behind the Stone Lantern

The principal stowed away location Lost Ark players should visit is "behind a Stone Lantern." This puzzling Stone Lantern can be tracked down northeast of Chungshu, where what appears to be a dead end on the world map (allude to the image above). Players ought to head down the path past the Stone Lantern until they go over a NPC.

2 - A Place Past the Panda

To locate the mysterious area "past the panda," players should go to the western side of Panda Island (allude to image). Once at the location, players will see a solitary panda fledgling near certain trees. Walking past the panda whelp and further into the forest will finish the following part of the quest.

3 - A Place that Crosses with the Cliff

The final location is found south of the panda whelp that drove players to the second secret location. However, players should bounce (one of the many secret mechanics in Lost Ark) to reach the final mystery area. After reaching the final area, players will finish the Fragrance and Fish quest. The rewards for finishing this quest are the accompanying: x12 Epic Awe inspiring Shard Chest M, 6x Amazing Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest, 22x Unbelievable Obliteration Stone Fragment Chest, 8,273 Silver, and 405 Experience.

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