​Lost Ark: How To Get The Unknown Island Token


Trying to find the Island Token on Lost Ark's Unknown Island? This guide can point you in the right direction.

The Unknown Island is one of the final plan islands you can go to in Lost Ark once your level is sufficiently high. What separates this island from most of them is that the ways are randomized each time you visit.

While it might take you a couple of endeavors to get the island soul in the wake of defeating one of the managers, it will be definitely justified once you have an adequate number of tokens for the prize you have your eye on. After this guide, ideally, you will be one token nearer to that prize.

Unknown Island

This island satisfies the name 'unknown' by being unusual. On this island, there are two managers that you have the chance of facing, however, you won't know which one until you show up down the right way. There are additionally up to 4 generate points for them also, so you never know precisely where the managers will produce. Besides the fact that the bring forth points are irregular, however this island will give you 3 ways that might prompt the chief. Besides the fact that you recover can the island soul, however there are additionally 3 secret Mokoko Seeds.

This island is found Northwest of South Vern or Southwest of Shushire. On the guide, it will be found west of the Mass of Procyon. You will need to get Lost Ark ships preceding venturing to this island. While actually this island isn't an experience island, it may not be accessible constantly. Really take a look at your Procyon's Compass and snap the islands tab to check what times this island will be accessible. You might actually set an alarm using the stopwatch in the upper left corner menu.

It is proposed you switch off cautions for everything you're not looking to do so the warning for the occasion you're waiting for won't be lost in an ocean of notices. When you switch off notices for everything, you are allowed to choose which occasions you need to be cautioned for and when you might want to be alarmed. For instance, in the event that you pick 30 minutes prior, you will be advised 30 minutes preceding an occasion starting.

The Unknown Island Token

Some island areas can be hard to find, however when you show up at this island you can then begin your island experience. When you pick the right way to follow on this island, you will be met toward the end by either Monster King of Darkness or Monster King of Light for a chief. An indication that you have picked the right way would be the monkey hordes you should overcome as well as the vine blockages in your manner. Either of these supervisors, when crushed, will get an opportunity to drop the Island Token. Other arbitrary drops include Concentration, Gatekeeper Stone Piece, Gold, and Annihilation Stone Section.

Three minutes after players enter the island, there will be a center mission called A Hidden Element that will begin. The more players there are, the simpler it will be to overcome the chief. While certain islands, like the Experience Islands, can be gotten to one time each day, this island can be rehashed. This is uplifting news to the people who need to over and over overcome the supervisors on this island looking for the token. It is suggested that you are a level 50 with a thing level of 460 preceding you take on this island.

When you arrive at the level necessities, you should simply construct your boat and go to the untamed ocean. When you complete the Unknown Island Token mission, you can then continue on toward other undertakings on this island, for example, finding the secret Mokoko Seeds or simply doing some broad exploring. Remember you'll need to guarantee your inventory isn't full, so you can get the rewards dropped by the managers.

Island Token Rewards

The Island tokens can be traded for rewards by visiting Opher on the Desolate Island. This island is found Northwest of Anikka in the center of the East Vern Ocean. The rewards go up in esteem by increments of 5 up to 95. With 19 rewards and north of 90 tokens to open dissipated all through the islands, it merits the grind for them.

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