​Lost Ark: Many Islands One Legend Quest Guide


Here's how players of Lost Ark can tackle the Many Islands One Legend quest.

Over the long run most MMOs lose a decent piece of their playerbase since they start to carry out tiresome "fetch'em" quests and neglect to acquaint new satisfied with push players to continue to play. However, Lost Ark is one of the couple of MMOs that has figured out how to keep its playerbase despite unreasonably forbidding accounts because of latency.

That is because Lost Ark has a lot of content that keeps players busy for quite a long time, especially considering the close endless number of quests. Also, one extended quest that players might struggle to finish is Many Islands, One Legend since players are asked to head out to various islands.

How to Start Many Islands, One Legend Quest

To start the quest, players should sail to a small island called White Wave, west of Arthetine.

When players show up at White Wave Island, they'll see a NPC named Stranded Temma. Players should collaborate with her to get a quest called Lonely Island, a fast quest expecting players to speak to Stranded Temma (a lot shorter than The Finish Of The Trials quest). After completing the Lonely Island quest, Stranded Temma will give players the Many Islands, One Legend quest.

Speaking to Treasure Hunter Igran

Players should venture out to Peyto Island and speak to Treasure Hunter Igran to continue with the Many Islands, One Legend quest. Peyto Island is west of Anikka Island or south of Pleccia Island, contingent upon where the player is sailing from. Treasure Hunter Igran is situated at the Ship Deck Area on Peyto Island. When Lost Ark players speak to him, they'll have to find three hidden maps.

Locating Hidden Treasure Maps

The first hidden guide can be tracked down on Little Karma Island. This little island is found northwest of West Luttera (right over the text "North Luterran Sea"). After showing up at the island, players must simply cooperate with a palm tree to uncover the guide.

The second hidden map is situated on Ban Island. This second island is tracked down northwest of Rethramis, straightforwardly underneath the Whispering Sea text. Players must search the minuscule island until a "Dig" brief pops up. Furthermore, players will find a couple of Plunder Chests that have a slight possibility dropping Concordance Shards.

The last hidden map is tracked down on White Wave Island, where players first met Stranded Temma. Yet again players must simply search around the island until the "Dig" brief pops up.

Completing Many Islands, One Legend Quest

After gathering the last hidden map, players should speak to Stranded Temma. After a short exchange with her making sense of how she wound up on White Wave Island players will get the accompanying rewards: x4 Epic Splendid Shard Chest M, x3 Epic Lavish Concordance Leapstone Chest, x3 Epic Lavish Destruction Stone Part Chest, 85 Gold, and 190 Experience.

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